Aemilius Picture

Well, now. This is Aemilius. He was a project for my graphic design course. We had approximately seven weeks to come up with a back story and then produce our character in digital format using a Wacom tablet. The story is as follows:

Aemilius, known among his troops and among his enemies as The Great Rival, is a man that has never once been subjected to fear. He has a complete and unwavering faith in his god, the Roman god Vulcan, ruler of fire, and he believes Vulcan will keep him safe through every endeavour. Orphaned as a boy, and raised by his greedy, power-driven king, Vincentius the Conquerer, Aemilius lives and breathes the fumes of war, serving as a general to his king.

With the Greeks slowly inhabiting more land on the edges of their kingdom, Vincentius decided it was time to shove the masses back, and he ordered Aemilius and a small army to assault the unsuspecting Greeks. With his whip of flame, and sturdy steads, he rode out with his small army, his king and his god behind him, thinking that was all the support he would need.

Having his steads assembled ahead of his chariot, and seeing the signs of his other praised god, Jupiter, in the sky, lit up with sporadic pulses of dusk-hued lightning, Aemilius, wearing little armour, ruthlessly led the charge.

So I actually know nothing about Greek and Roman mythology, and it probably shows, but nevermind that! It's supposed to be a fantasy piece. And I may or may not have been inspired during the watching of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
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