.:New OC:. Vulcan the Animaliagod Picture

And finally, meet Vulcan, the Animaliagod of Fire.

Specific information:

Full Name: Vulcan
Sex: male
Species: Animaliagod
Age: immortal
DoB: born in a volcano
Height: 10"
Weight: 2.8 lbs.

Character information:

Inspiration: Vulcan, the God of Fire (from Greek Mythology), Anger (Inside Out)

Nicknames: N/A

Alignment: Good

Personality: hot-tempered, bad-tempered, curmudgeonly, grumpy, grouchy, hateful, cranky, arrogant, cynical, negative, pessimistic, reluctant, occasionally nice, rude, angelic, heavenly, holy, godlike, violent, tuneless, impatient, gruff, serious, humorless, strict, uptight, stingy, immature, responsible, intelligent, sensible, surly, no-nonsense, unaffectionate, irritable, heroic, valiant, frustrated, annoyed, sarcastic, furious, chronically tightfisted, physically strong, selfless, caring, masculine

Appearance: short, chubby/plump, muscular, handsome, long and floppy ears w/ black tips/tufts, white and light red fur, red eyes, thick light red eyebrows, large black nose, whiskers, light red fur on chest,wrinkles, gold leaf headband, small angel wings, black fur on back (that ends around the middle of tail area), white gown that connects to a blacksmith's hammer charm, dragon/demon-like tail, and white boots

Occupation: Animaliagod of Fire

Home: Heaven

Relatives: Jupiter (father), Juno (mother)

Allies: Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Bacchus

Enemies: Hades

Likes: fire, the color red, his friends, quiet time, flying, sanity, not taking part in any singing or dancing

Dislikes: his friends in danger, being touched, public affection, kisses, hugs, singing, dancing, being annoyed/irritated, enthusiasm, looking on the bright side of things, danger, egotism, cockiness, hoarders, whiners, cowards

Character & designs (c)
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