Fantroll Picture

Your name is TALIRA VECTOR. You are a BROWNBLOOD troll, with a fascination for the WINGBEASTS of Alternia, much alike to your lusus. You enjoy collecting their colorful feathers and keeping them in your journal, along with several various plant species located around your hive. You live in the FOREST of your planet, closer to the beaches and the sea. Here, your lusus has plenty of room to hunt, and you can find rare, exotic flowers that only grow on beaches. You also take an interest in TROLL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY, and have a gruesome tendency to dissect and examine the bodies of dead trolls you find in the forest. They are usually severely damaged by beasts gnawing away at them, but you will occasionally find one almost completely untouched. Almost.

You are aspiring to become an ARCHERADICATOR, an elite class of noble, long-ranged fighters who are masters of the BOW KIND strife-specibus, as you are. You have been training long and hard to prepare for the moment you are tried for qualification into these prestigious forces, and your are very confident in your abilities.

Your trollhandle is ticherosAquila and you Tend to conductor yourϟelf in a manner that iϟ quite ϟhocking!


I finally got around to drawing my fantroll on my tablet. I went through four or five designs for her before settling with this one.

Her sign is the constellation Aquila, or 'the eagle'. Aquila was known in both Greek and Roman mythology for being the carrier for Zeus' thunderbolts, as well as Jupiter's pet. Aquila is linked to the assumed 'Magpie Bridge' that connected two lost lovers, and this star resides near Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Her first name is a mix-up of one of the brighter stars of the conversation, Altair, and her last name is the Latin word for 'carrier', in reference to being the carrier of Zeus' thunderbolts. Her lusus is a Magpie, referencing to the Magpie bridge Aquila is supposedly connected to in mythology, and her typing quirk (involving electric-puns and using a thunderbolt instead of an 'S') is in reference to the thunderbolts of Zeus.
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