Roman Gods, the Romulites Picture

In the times lost to myth, before the birth of the Angels, the great collapse of the Elder Gods and even the uniting of the Council, the Romulites surfaced out of Remusian society through unknown means.
Some speculated a mutation in the gene-pull through breeding, others suspected abuse of medical or magical experimentation. Regardless; the Romulites were established as a race amongst the Remusians and could no longer be denied.
Before too long the Romulites were forced to leave their place of birth and find their own system, which they named Roma.

Romulites are a herd race, which can be categorised into four species: Caprikin, Bovikin, Cervikin and Equidikin.
Caprikin share similar features to that of sheep or goats. They are massive in stature and numerous in population. Caprikin own their allegiance to Mars, the Great Ram, the God of War and Harvest, and therefore make up the main quota of the Romulite army.

Closely related and most commonly cross-bred with the Caprikin, the Bovikin bare the features of Bovine animals and are just as tall and broad as the Caprikin.
Bovikin lay their lives in service to Pluto, the God of the Underworld and are guardians of the death rites and ceremonies carried out in Romulite society.

Cervikin are similar to deer physically and are amongst the smallest in number and stature. They are a mystical species and very recluse in nature, often keeping to the mountain retreats where they can partake in their shamanistic practices of mixing herbs and foretelling ones' destiny. Cervikin are patrons of Minerva, Goddess of wisdom and counsel, they heed her through several techniques of divination. The Cervikin rarely share their blood with the other species of Roma and variations of Cervikin are very rare indeed, yet not unheard of. These deviations in the species are most often shunned from the mountains and dwell in the cities and towns with the other Romulites, acting as emissaries between their "pure-breeds" and the local townsfolk.

Equidikin bare the features of horses and are the natural athletes and workforce of the Romulites. Though the smallest of the Romulite species, the Equidikin are famed for never tiring and maintain all forms of society on Roma. As an integral species to the planet of Roma, the Equidikin are known to cross-breed with all the species of the Romulites.
The Equidikin are the kin of the King of the Romulites, Jupiter, God of Roma and the Lord of the Heavens.

The Romulites are a varied race and can display many colours as well as a wide array of patterns upon their hides, fleeces and manes. Those species that sprout horns or antlers do so in many shapes, sizes and arrangements.

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