Floro's Kitty Costume Picture

My Oc Floro, a naive and gentle boy with a knack for tripping over what's not there.

"Silva had said to the higher ups this about the boy: 'My subordinates are loyal and strong, but this child... you entrusted upon me is something unordinary! You excepted me to turn this boy into a cold hearted killer? I asked him a simple question; Shall humanity be preserved ... He answered with this; I believe humanity is wonderful. ... like in the Roman mythology, Jupiter overthrew his father to become king. We do the same towards humans. This boy is a force to be reckoned with. One look and you will feel guilty for your actions against him. I will train him, not to become a killer, but to become a savior.' She had recorded her short speech to remember her defiance against the higher ups."
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