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Son of Vulcan
Real Name: Johnny Mann
Powers: When Johnny calls for Vulcan's aid, he transforms into a demigod possessing superhuman strength, speed & senses, flight, invulnerability to fire, also can summon both fireballs & powerful ancient weapons from the forge of his benefactor.
Equipment: Indestructible Armor and a prosthetic leg created by Vulcan.
First Appearance: Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #46 (May 1965)

Rebooted Origin
"From the same universe Dryas came from, Johnny Mann was a scrawny but courageous reporter for an international news syndicate who had lost a leg while serving during the Korean War. Covering a bloody civil war on the Mediterranean island of Cyprete, he complained aloud while standing in the ruins of an ancient temple that the gods play with men's lives while leaving them defenseless against the forces of war and crime.

Taking offense, the Roman gods transported him to Mount Olympus where he was put on trial before Jupiter, all-powerful king of the gods, for his impudence. Bellona, Goddess of War and Dryas' aunt, wanted Johnny's immediate destruction, but Vulcan, lame-legged god of fire and forge, spoke up in his defense, and Venus, goddess of love, agreed with Vulcan. In the end, after bonding with the newsman over their similar disabilities, Vulcan agreed to have Johnny be his personal champion and share with him god-like powers that would help him fight injustice in the mortal world.

By calling on Vulcan's aid, Johnny can transform into a superhuman demigod, whole again and with indestructible Roman-style armor and a new leg with the power to summon both fire and powerful ancient weapons from his benefactor's forge. However, it was the judgment of Jupiter that his powers could be removed from him at any time if the gods ever decided he was unworthy of them.

Bellona often plots against him to make him lose favor with Jupiter or destroy him, whichever comes first."

Another Roman Superhero, this version coming from the same universe that Dryas was from. In Dryas' universe, The Roman Gods are separate from other pantheons, not just a mishmash of other gods from other mythologies with a different set of names. Also this character could be considered the Roman counterpart to the Greek's Captain Shazam.

For his story, Mars was originally the one who wanted to get rid of Johnny, but I changed it to Bellona, who in Roman Mythology was what Ares is for the Greeks, symbolizing war’s destructive and belligerent aspect. I made this change because in the actual mythology and in this continuity, Mars wasn't war hungry like Ares.

This character was made using Hero Machine 3.
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