21. Zeus Picture

Zeus: Greek God of Storms, Thunder, the Sky, Guests, and Ruler of the Universe

100 Gods and Goddesses Challenge

I've been struggling with this for the longest time but it suddenly hit me. LIKE LIGHTNING.

First of all, as usual I'll talk about what makes this particular deity interesting to me. What's really hilarious about Zeus is that his image is kind of used as a template image of the Judeo-Christian God- a mature sort of fellow with a curly white beard and a sort of stern expression. It's super funny because... Zeus is probably the furthest thing from God. In fact, you might think of God as a sort of Mary Sue version of Zeus that's "too pure" to go around copulating with mere mortals but still wrathful enough to smite them when they get too noisy. XD

Even so the Greeks still very much revered him and painted and sculpted him in very strong poses and such... so I really really wanted to draw him all bored and lazy. IDK I just get that vibe from Zeus. So I was looking through sculptures of him and I found this: [link] I didn't see this picture in this context though- I thought "Hey this is the perfect pose I should draw him texting on an iphone". THEN I noticed this little sculpture was holding a phone hahahahaha. It was brilliant. Inspired. XD

My dad loves his iPhone so much. He's inseparable from it. I bet Zeus loves his too.

I have so much trouble deciding on Zeus' hair colour. By default when I think Zeus I think 'grey hair' but then I think 'blond or black'... Brown doesn't seem to fit and red makes him too Thor-ish... my Aliki book has him as blonde but IDK I like the idea of having salt and pepper thunder-cloud hair too.
I just can't see young!Zeus with black hair or older!Zeus with blonde hair. XD He's magic so idk.

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