Runic Caligraphy, Anglo-Saxon - 17, Tir Picture

The Tir rune. This comes from the old God Name, Tiwaz. Tiwaz is a mystic name. It lends itself to Gods from all European pantheons in some form of other and in turn, has Vedic connections which bring it all the way back to that foggy dew of Aryan pre-history which has the power to entrance and repulse the uncritical.

Tiwaz is the Father God. From this term we derive words such as Deus, Tyr, Tiranis, and one of the names for Ukko which currently escapes me. Tiwaz became Diu-Pater, which has a Sanskrit mirror but may be better recognized as "Jupiter," whose name is literally Father God. Zeus is, quite simply, God, which is related to the old Vedic term.

Tir is widely regarded as the God of Justice and Courage. This Rune can be taken a number of ways. Related to the Irminsul, the Axis Mundi of ancient Teutons. It can be representative of a spearhead. A direction, a commandment to turn heavenward.

In modern usage it is the symbol of a modern Swedish democratic party whose stated aim is, among other things, rekindle native Swedish pride. And to encourage use of stylish, pressed shirts. It has been mythologized to have appeared on British Coats of Arms. And has enjoyed tenure in German military accoutrement.

Some have taken it for a phallic symbol, an opposite to the Peordh, which resembles a womb. Remember, the terms penis and vagina began as military terms for weapon and sheath. If memory serves. We have become exceptionally childish and squeamish as a race when it comes to questions of fertility and human sexual spirituality. Says the crusty virgin.


Hou’vast Ye Sailors of the Heathen Sea! The fine Yeoman of Runic arts, if he likes what he spies here, might find something further in my general Rune Work folder pending this forthcoming link.

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