Sairen Aquila Picture

Name: Sairen Aquila

Gender: Female

Age: 8 Sweeps

Blood: Olive

Lusus: Golden Eagle

Land: Land of thorns and skeletons

Quirk: >She types like this.< >Putting these things between sentences.<

Trolltag: reticentVocalist

Interests: Music, Skeletons, Anthropology, Books

Title: Mage of Void

Disability: Her vocal cords were paralyzed when she was 2 sweeps so she can't talk. Because of this she lives in a secluded cave with her lusus. She has friends that she talks to using trollian

Symbol: Jupiter's staff

Personality: Smart, Sympathetic, Misunderstood, Self-Blaming, Spontaneous,


So I've made a fantroll and honestly it took me like 3 weeks to come up with everything. Her Symbol is the symbol of the nymph echo in greek mythology. She is out going but people automatically assume she is shy because she can't talk. She is also grumpy most of the time.

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