Let It Blow = The Pompeii Parody Picture

When I visited Pompeii this summer one of the reasons I felt sorry for the people who had been killed by the volcano was because back then they wouldn't have thought of the eruption as a natural disaster. Being as religious as they were, they would have thought it was because they'd angered the Gods in some way and this was their punishment. (Well, Gods in Greek and Roman mythology aren't usually lenient when it comes to punishing Mortals, we all know that!)

Anyway, I started thinking about what it could have been like if that was the case; what if Jupiter and the other Gods did decide to punish the people of Pompeii by causing Vesuvius to erupt like that? And this is the result:

Let It Blow:

Jupiter: Vesuvius is looking dormant tonight

Not a Mortal to be seen

Though they do their best to please us

Sometimes they make Gods feel mean

Vulcan is seething with the anger that’s inside

And Minerva too, standing by my side

Mars seeks a war

Apollo agrees

As for Diana she’s pleading with me “Please

Teach them a lesson

Please let them know”

So now they’ll know

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

Let Vesuvius erupt tonight

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

Set this petty town alight

We won’t care

How much they might pray

Let the town burn on

Teach them not to mess with Gods any day

It’s funny how quickly they react and start to scream

How many of them just hide away and pray it’s just a dream

The lava flows

The terror grows

How this will all end, no one knows

No forgiveness

It’s gone too far

Too far

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

Let’s see how fast Mortals can run

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

They’ll be sorry when it’s done

Here this town will forever stay

Frozen in lava

Our powers cause the rumbling like my thunder in the sky

Like Minerva played with my lightning bolts when she was inches high

Venus reckons that no Mortals will survive the odds

Well let it be a lesson

Never anger Gods!

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

We look down in the break of dawn

Let It Blow

Let It Blow

The town of Pompeii is gone

Here it’ll be

Many years from today

And no one will know why

They won’t believe in Gods by then anyway!

(The Gods in the picture are: Right to Left - Jupiter, his son Mars, Venus, Apollo, Diana and Jupiter's daughter Minerva)

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