The Main Ladies of Pandanzeia Picture

This is the old cast sheet, go here for the new and up-to-date one:

Pandanzeia is my original (to-be) military space opera webcomic about a starship named NSS Pandanzeia, it's all-female senior officers and special task force, and the (also female) fleet admiral in charge. See my gallery for more art and other stuff related to it (and eventually the comic itself).

Edit 15/11/25:
Added the main ship, Pandanzeia, as well as a new character, Kyokara (both are just sketches for now). Also rearranged it all somewhat to fit the new stuff.
Edit 15/11/26: Kyo's portrait is finished!
Edit 15/12/01: Bumped up Shiloh's rank a step to Senior Chief Petty Officer (and someday I'll update all the now widely inaccurate uniform insignia
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