Next remake

Now, I have remade this fella [link]

I conserved his name, but now I have changed his bio:

"1950. The WWII has ended, but a new war seems to be boiling over the world, as the URSS and the USA races for the military superiority. And so, while the Sovietic scientist were working ove the powers of the mind, the American ones were working on another equaly ambitious project of their own, 'The Supersoldier'.

It was recorded as the 'Jupiter Experiment'. in honour of the father of gods in roman mythology, god of lighting and thunder. The experiment intended to create the ultimate soldier, by fusing a human body, with the latest and most secret of the american technology, a serie of machines with the power to draw huge amounts of electricity from thin air, or generate it just by the fluctuation of an special fluid. This machine was the pinnacle in matter of technology, but the experiment was a total fiasco. Even when the subjects were the most trained soldiers, selected under the most strict conditions, no one survived the procces of joining man and machine. But when all seemed to be lost, the experiment took a wicked twist. After many revisions, all the involved scientist deduced that the main failure was that all the subjects were alive, so they will have to create their own subject from the nothing. Using the corpses of all those who died in the experimentes, and together with the machine, they built up their perfect soldier. They replaced blood with the special conductive fluid, and the nervous system with wire. Also, they added a serie of external generators from whe it could absorb and releasea electricity, all from within 3 main storage cores, one in its heart and one on each palm. And so they beleived to succeed in their project, the only thing left was to bring back their monster to life. They bombarde it with huge amounts of electricity, to start the machine and awake their new toy, the filled every one of its tissues, nerves and fluids with the monstrous power of a thunderstorm, waiting it would give life to what was death. And so it did, but not as they wanted. The creature was alive, was consious of what happened to him, and went mad. It was enraged as nothing seen before, and his fury unleashed an electrical inferno. Everyone involved in the experiment was desintegrated in a flash of light, and after that, the creature excaped to the desert.

Alone in the desert, the creature wandered, and as he walked over the sand, the constant releases of electricity left a trail of crystalized sand. He was still confused and angered by his resusitation, by the fact of not knowing who he was, which was hi purpose, and why it had those destructive powers. And so, his mind got clouded by rage, pain and hate. A voice called to him from the wind. The voice told him it undestood him, and that it could help him to find a purpose where it could use his abillities to a major goal, it would gain more powers, and also, it could took revenge from those who created him the way it is, but it would need to abandon his life and became a servant. It accepted without even thinking.

Now it had a purpose, now his existence had a meaning and he had a goal: Revenge on the human race, and it would carry it out with the same powers human gave to him. But now it would make it not as just an experiment, not only as machine or a monster, whit his new purpose it came a name, from now on it would be known as THUNDERSTEIN."


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