Guess Whooooo Picture

Edit: His name is Summanus, which means "before the morning." In Roman mythology, Summanus was the god of the night sky and night lightning, a nocturnal counterpart to Jupiter. He's male (durr) and approaching the middle of his owl life. If he was human, he'd be in his late thirties/early forties. He's very calm and quiet. He tends to eavesdrop way too much. :I He likes the ladies but he's terrified of most other living things. He's very formal. His voice sounds like Richard Roxburgh's; (0:09 of [link] )

I beg you to muster up some forgiveness for the horrible pun. It probably won't happen again. Also I know the wings suck. I'm pretty new at them, and I'm proud of what I've gotten down so far. Also also, this is a WIP, the coloring is crap and very rushed and I'll go back later to clean it up. And add some information on this guy. His name is fsjal for now. Also also also! Almost forgot, the teardrop-shaped markings and spots don't have to be exactly correct. As long as there is about the same number of teardrop markings on each side and somewhat near the number on this reference you're good.

Everything on this page is mine.
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