Sailor Kashyyyk Picture

Sailor Soldier of the Kashyyyk Homeworld of Star Wars Mythology.

This one was hard to do. Wookies are hairy, and the fact that they really don't wear much put a spin on things!

Name: Malladdik
Light Saber color: Emerald Green
Age: 24
Primary Color: Forest Green
Secondary Color: Orange
Technique: Kashyyyk Earth Rupture
Likes: her Honor Family
Dislikes: the Imperial Empire, the ground surface of Kashyyyk

Extra Info: As Wookies go, Malladdik is as a loyal as they can get. Her Honor Family consists of only 3 people: Sailor Coruscant, who tutored her; Lotag, an Ewok with whom she traveled; and Lena, another travelling companion. She seldom works with the other Sailor Senshi since only Sailor Coruscant understands the Wookie language.
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