Family Tree of Mars Picture

Otrera- One of the greatest Warrior Queens the solar system has ever seen. She was a great friend of Artimis, an early queen of the moon. She was the architect who designed the Lunar Embassy located on Earth. When relations broke between the Earth and Moon, the Palace became a temple for the Priests of Elysion.
Name Origin: In Greek mythology, Otrera was a Queen of the Amazons and was a consort of Ares.

Astarte- Past Queen and Senshi of Mars. Had a fighting spirit like her mother but preferred to use her feminine charms to get her way rather than using force.
Name Origin: Astarte was a goddess of fertility, sexuality, and war who was worshiped in Syria and Canaan

Hestia- Past Queen and Senshi of Mars. She had a calmer spirit than her mother and grandmother. She preferred the warmth of home and family.
Name Origin Greek goddess of the Hearth

Ares- Hestia’s husband and the greatest warrior of his generation. His primary objective was to protect his wife, the queen, and he never sought to use his skill at war when it wasn’t necessary.
Name Origin: Greek god of War and is one of the twelve Olympians

Mars/Rei- current princess and senshi of Mars.

Yuuichirou- He never gave up on Rei. His unyielding support and encouragement, eventually won her over, then she was finally ready to admit that she loved him.

Aeron- Rei’s son and Husband of Inanna, a princess of Venus. He is one of the only people who can make his brother-in-law Javen tone down his trouble making. (name means battle)
Name Origin: a Welsh name that means “Battle”

Inaana- A princess of Venus and Aeron's wife
Name Origin: Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare

Adara- Rei’s daughter, future senshi and queen of Mars. (name means fire)
Name Origin: a Hebrew name that means “Fire”

Prometheus- Adara’s husband. After Aeron left to live on Venus, Prometheus gladly took on the role of being his wife’s guardian.
Name Origin: Titan from Greek mythology who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind.

Penthesilea- future queen and shenshi of Mars. A strong willed and confidant warrior princess of Mars.
Name Origin: an Amazon from Greek Mythology who is the daughter of Otrera and Ares

Kayin- Penthesilea’s husband, Member of the Mercury royal family. He is a great at helping his wife to keep a cool head when making important decisions.
Name Origin: African name meaning “celebrated child”

Achilles- Penthesilea’s brother. A fantastic fighter but is rather reserved and can’t stand all the social requirements that come with being a prince of Mars. His wife is a princess of Jupiter and was the first woman who was able to worm her way past Achilles rough façade to warm and unpretentious man beneath.
Name Origin: Achilles was one of the greatest heroes from Greek Mythology

Willow- Achilles wife. Princess of Jupiter

Serephina- Penthesilea’s Daughter, a future queen and senshi of Mars.
Name Origin: A Hebrew name meaning “the Fiery Ones”

Anteros- Serephina's Husband.
Name Origin: Greek god of requited love, and is the punisher of those who scorn love;“the avenger of unrequited love”, he was also the son of Ares and Aphrodite.

Freya- Pethesilea's Elder Daugher and Heir to the Throne
Name Origin: Norse goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death

Sif- Penthesilea's Younger Daughter and Senshi of Mars
Name Origin: Norse goddess associated with the Earth
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