touch of mercury Picture

i was a beautiful young boy when i first saw him.

i have fallen asleep next to a drinking well a day away from my village, and at the break of dawn, pausing from one of his flights, he stopped to replenish. i awoke to behold his glorious apparition. i've always believed, but at that time, i knew: gods live; he lives.

mesmerized, all i could do was smile. he smiled back, leaned close to me, and touched my chin before fleeting to the heavens once more.

it took decades before i got to touch him back.

this is mercury - messenger to jupiter and patron of travel, commerce, science, and thievery in greek and roman mythology [link] he appropriately welcomes you to the bronze sculpture wing of the j. paul getty center museum.

i would love to have him grace my bedroom someday.
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