Mercury - Conceptual Profile Picture

This is an original character of mine by the name of Mercury. I had an idea for a fiction story, which I may or may not follow through on. It's just a rough idea at the moment. The story is based on the gods and titans of ancient Greco-Roman mythology. In it, they are portrayed as humans, but with special abilities or characteristics that reflect the powers of the gods and titans. Mercury is a thief and a reconaissance agent for Jupiter, leader of his faction. In the beginning, he steals a mysterious box (pandora's box) from Epimetheus (whose Roman name I can't seem to find). If you're learned in this mythology, you will know that this does not entirely hold true to the myths, but if it's any consolation, Pandora will be the one to open it. To make it less complicated, I'd exclude a lot of the mythological characters to make it more reader-friendly if I decide to continue with it. Other than that, most of it will follow the tales. And in case you're wondering why he looks like this, Mercury was severely burned in a fire that resulted from an assassination attempt on his girlfriend a few years back. I hope you like this piece. I hope you like this piece.
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