The Exam Part 6 Picture

Hey friends!
Tis I, Johnny, back with a new comic for my rabid (read: mildly interested) fans (read: people who stumble upon my comic) called "The Exam: Part 6!" I thought I'd take a tiny break from the action to put one of my characters in a suit and duct tape a book to the other's face. Sounds reasonable.
Ah yes, the fine artistry that is the cram session. If you've gotta hand it to human beings for anything, it's that we possess the ability to jam hundreds of facts into our memory in such a short time. It's almost like stretching your mind, filling parts of the brain that aren't really meant to be filled! Once I think I packed the part of my brain that's responsible for keeping my eyes moist with information about Greek Mythology. I didn't blink for 2 days, but I sure knew that Zeus and Jupiter were the same dude. Outrageous!
Anyhoo, enjoy this little exposition and expect some heavy duty learning to go on... the DEAD DAYS way! Which means you won't learn a damn thing. So while your waiting for part 7, don't forget to VOTE FOR DEAD DAYS [link] ON BUZZCOMIX! As usual, there's brand new incentive art up! This week features pencils and inks to THIS VERY COMIC! You don't wanna miss the messyness and insight on how I go about making this crap! Vote now! [link]
Well thanks for reading everyone! In an age where it seems webcomics shut-down as quckly as they sprout-up, you can depend on DEAD DAYS to forge on! I'm just getting started!
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