Singing a Christmas Song Picture

my OCs Lucifer (the Devil) & Jupiter (God) singing a Christmas song together :3
(I know God & the Devil aren't really OCs but I gave them a new appearance so I guess I can call them that XD" )

I called the God Jupiter because.....she...she needed a name XD
and Jupiter is the name of the greatest of the Gods in the Roman mythology so I think it's ok if I call her that...
furthermoere: yes, God is a woman!! ò.o ....well, I made her a woman because usually people imagine God to be a man (IF they imagine what God looks like that is)

btw I think everyone knows some legends about Lucifer & God right? they say Lucifer wanted to surpass God & because of that God send Lucifer down to hell....
in this story, God send him to hell because Lucifer fell in love with her even though he wasn't allowed to do so...
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