Medieval Avengers GIF Picture

AAAH this idea has been done by so many artists, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and do my own version. So here it is!

Alrighty, I should probably explain this.

First is Thor - Instead of sticking to Norse mythology, I decided to look for another god associated with lightning and storms. I also wanted a god that Medieval Europe may not have been familiar with (being that he's supposed to be a foreign god), so that ruled out Zeus/Jupiter. I found a Hurian god named Teshub who has a horned crown and carries around an axe. It was perfect!

For Captain America -....I was re-watching Merlin episodes, so that should explain everything.

Next is the Hulk - All the medieval Avengers, that I've seen, have the Hulk as a troll or an ogre. I wanted to do something different. Since he's a character that transforms, a werewolf works best!

Lastly, Iron Man - SO MUCH ARMOR!!! Also, after I drew him, I realized he looks a lot like Sinbad....I've watched that movie way too many times
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