Power Rangers Olympian Heroes (v. 2) rear view Picture

On the back of each ranger is a symbol of their god or goddess' Roman equivalent.

Top Row: Vulcan, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Apollo (same name in both)
Bottom Row: Venus, Ceres, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, and Diana

Technically the symbols on the gold and silver rangers aren't really Apollo and Diana. These are the symbols for the sun and the moon. The original Greek god of the sun was called Helios and the goddess of the moon was Selene. These two were both Titans and when the Olympians overthrew the Titans to take over, Apollo and Artemis gradually took on the roles of sun god and moon goddess. Over the course of Greek mythology, many gods and goddesses began taking on aspects of others. Anyway, I couldn't find any actual symbols for Apollo or Diana, so I figured these were close enough.
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