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A Cosmic Dance.

The moon has always had varying degrees of magic for most on this planet. More magic for a few and lesser magic for many. But always a magic for most all.

Add the magic of a Cosmic Dance with Jupiter and you have the magic of an earlier day in or history, Our earlier Mythologies.

Image of the night of 8/26/2010 shot from Kentucky, USA. skies.

I have a couple images with 4 of Jupiter's moons showing but the moon is way to overexposed so I went with this image. I may post one at a later date.

If you down load the lager master image and zoom in you will find that Jupiter does have size. Small but of size. No mater how much you zoom in on a star it always stays a point of light and never will gain size. A star size can never be magnified with a lens or telescope. It is always a point of light.

Jupiter info = [link]

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