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Hey there guys! At last, I has completed Vritra! Surprisingly easier to do than previous designs, but hobbled by the fact that I had school (and not letting up tomorrow, where I'm back after a week's worth of Vacation), Vritra represents the Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse, and is reflected by being looking old, wrinkly and otherwise emaciated, but at the same time, has to have aura of strength to him, so he still has some bulk to him. He's also the second ornamented kaiju, after Ammit. The animals used for his design are based of a combination of various carboniferous arthropods (Athropleura and Megarachne chief amongst hem) and various Amphibians. Essentially a Centipede-like Salamander-thing.

Note, apologies to any Hindu (and experts) who are reading this, as I'm basing Vritra based on both the Vedic and Puranic versions.
"While others rely on their incomparable strength and courage, their innate, frightful gifts, or their tenacity and aggression, I chose the long game, the plot and the plan, to analysis and wait until the enemy exposes itself, until he or she makes a fatal, stupid mistake, then I strike... and one strike should all I need"

"Indra thought he killed me, he was wrong, he tried again, and still he failed, trying to defy the will of Vishnu. I would have ground his bones to dust even if Vishnu had not intervened..."

"His sole purpose is to be a weapon, nothing more, if there were not a war in the galaxy, he would have died under my thunderbolt..." - Indra

"He's an old, angry, wrinkly son of a b-" - Orochi

Old, Intelligent, Cunning, The Desolator is one of the oldest great beasts there is, and amongst them, has the most experience in fighting gods and goddess, ironically beginning with his own patron deities, the Devas. Plagued by innate, constant rage, he mostly allows it to be controlled and contained, and for a time he was simply a powerful beast, feared yet respected, and under Vishnu's watchful eye, kept to his own devices. However, as time flew by, he could not contain the constant, ever-present anger and aggression within himself, and lashed it out on the Devas and their followers over a perceived slight. He was "killed" once by Indra, and for a while, that was that, until he reappeared even more powerful than before, and the gods decided to finally get rid of this beast... But as the final blow was to be struck, word of even greater threat loomed... The war between pantheons, the Omni-War.

When the Omni-War raged upon the Galaxy, Vishnu had to intervene with plans of quelling Vritra once and for all, and deemed the father of dragons to be potentially useful; his reputation alone would let others think twice before entering his domain, but he also needs a beast that could, in theory, counter the other beasts in several ways. For this he spared Vritra, however as punishment for his crimes, he is forever bound to both him and Indra, and the construction of his ornaments are meant to be symbolic of that... and they give him a mighty electric shock just in case he tries to disobey orders. Eventually, even with his "assistance", the Devas were defeated, and cast out to the universe... where they proceeded to take a huge chunk of the Universe, becoming one of the great powers of human-owned space.

Vritra's mere presence can cause an area of land to be devoid of any moisture, be it on land, the seas or the air, turning it instantly into a lifeless husk. His true specialty however, is the production of poison and venom. Unlike Ammit, who has a corrosive element to her, his poison strands are specific to cause as much bodily harm as possible to his opponents, depending on what kind of biological structure they have. Being bitten by a beast of ice and frost like Fenrir would heat up with a fever incomparable to mortals, rendering his frost null. Against an opponent like Ammit, his venom would attack her circulatory system directly, coagulating blood cells in one area, or outright destroying her cells in another, turning her own defenses against her.

But it is Vritra's sheer survivability that makes him such a difficult adversary to face against, with a healing factor that allows him to regrow entire limbs and reattach severed body parts, combined with his insane speed and extremely hard shell. His ornaments, devices originally made to bind him and quell his anger, also work as weapons. Each Jewel works as a repository of Indra's magic, so Vritra can use it to shoot lightning bolts, just in case he needs to use distance. As the source of this power comes from Indra, he cannot use it to harm the Devas or anyone under their watch.

His reliance on his intellect and his poison however, has its drawbacks, as it has made him frailer than most beasts, and against the likes of Behemoth (who's skin does not absorb his poison at all, and even if it did, he'd be pretty resistant) and Typhon (who is outright immune), their overwhelming might maybe too much for him in a long, drawn out fight.

Nowadays, Vritra spends his time isolated, and the closest thing he'd consider to "meditating"... But whenever the Devas needs a beast that can tilt the tide of war in an instant... Vritra is their to heed the call... willingly or unwillingly...
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