Age of Mythology TRL - Siege Ram Picture

Siege Ram (siege weapon)

The Siege Ram is the most powerful siege weapon in the game. With a gigantic amount of crush damage, pierce armor and HP, it can easily move up to buildings and reduce them to debris. It can even fire arrows at mortal units from quite a distance and garrison 5 units. However, the Siege Ram is very slow and expensive, so don't leave them unescorted.

Age: Mythic
Trained at:

Strong against: Buildings
Weak against:
Cavalry (or any hack damage)


350 wood 200 gold
Pierce Damage: 10 x 2 arrows
Crush Damage: 70
Range: 18
Hitpoints: 1000
Hack Armor: 10%
Pierce Armor: 90%
Crush Armor: 80%
Speed: 2.4 meters/second
Line of Sight: 22
Training Time: 24 seconds

Worship Jupiter to gain this bonus:

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