Jupiter - Earth Family Tree 3 Picture

This is the third version of a Family Tree I made for a Sailor Moon story that’s always in my head. It’s about arranged marriages to maintain peace but I’m always stuck after the prologue. xD” Maybe because I’m changing the story way too often.
It’s written in German because I’m from Germany (hence my bad English lol) and the names here are also the German version of the names of the Greek Gods. For the Sailor Moon characters I used the Japanese names.
If I ever get more than the prologue done I’ll try to translate it all into English.

Sooooo … now about the picture:
I used characters from Saint Seiya as parents and I sometimes changed minor details like hair or skin colour and mostly I changed the names so it fits better for my story. Sometimes it makes sense if you know Greek mythology and sometimes it just make sense for me or no sense at all. XD

For the children I used characters of Naoko Takeuchi works like Sailor Moon, Prism Time, Rain Kiss, Mermaid Panic, PQ Angels, Toki*Meca, Love Witch, Parallel Moon, Sailor V, Miss Rain, Chocolate Christmas and The Cherry Project etc.

In this Family Tree we have in the first row from the left to the right:
King Zeus of Jupiter
Queen Hera of Jupiter
Lord Herakles (Heracles) of Avalon (Continent on Earth)
Lady Hebe of Avalon (Continent on Earth)

In the second row we have from the left to the right:
Princess Makoto of Jupiter
Lord Neflite of Avalon (Continent on Earth)

In the third row we have the children Neflite and Makoto would eventually have in my story, from the left to the right:
Princess Tamaki of Jupiter; also Lord of Avalon (Prism Time)
Prince Kyusuke of Jupiter; also Lord of Avalon (Sailor Moon)
Princess Juno of Jupiter; also Lady of Avalon (Sailor Moon, I use her Senshi name Juno)
Prince Takeda of Jupiter; also Lord of Avalon (Toki*Meca)
Prince Anshar of Jupiter; also Lord of Avalon (Sailor Moon Another Story Game)

I HAVE NO COPYRIGHTS FOR THE CHARACTER ARTS IN THIS WHATSOEVER! The Arts I used in here are either from Naoko Takeuchi and her various series or from Saint Seiya Mangaka Masami Kurumada or from Marco Albiero who draws a lot of amazing FanArt for Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon and many others. Seriously check him out, he’s brilliant. The only thing I did was put the trees together with Wallpapers and Frames I found on Google. So I didn’t create them either. I just changed the colors and put them together and for the characters I sometimes changed the hair, eye or skin color to create more family resemblance or changed their original names. I HAVE NO RIGHTS ON THE ARTS USED IN THIS!!!
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