My DCU - Teen Titans Gamma Squad Redesigns Picture

Part sixteen of my head canon DC Universe teams.

NOTE: In my head canon, the Teen Titans are comprised of 14 members split into two seven member squads as an homage to the Blue and Gold era of the X-Men. This is the Gamma Squad. And yes, this also means that my previous Teen Titans piece is now no longer canon in my HC.


Long before the Justice League founded the Young Justice Initiative, the independently wealthy Loren Jupiter financed the creation of the Teen Titans organization. After seeing a rise in vigilantism amongst teenagers, Mr. Jupiter realized that these youths needed guidance and attention beyond what their heroic mentors could provide. He subsequently recruited a trio of young heroes – Robin, Wonder Girl and Speedy – and erected a massive training facility on a man-made island off the coast of Manhattan.
Shortly after their debut, their ranks expanded to include many more youngsters (and even a former villain). Under the watchful eye of Mr. Jupiter, the Titans grew into their abilities and became a true force for good. Despite the strides they’ve made to encourage peace and equality, numerous villainous organizations have risen to fight against them. The Fearsome Five, the Brotherhood and the Cult of Brother Blood have all tried their hand at defeating the Titans, but it is the growing threat of the terrorist organization H.I.V.E. that truly poses grave danger. H.I.V.E.’s leader, the alien Queen Bee, has begun stockpiling weapons from across the universe and has methodically recruited every enemy of the Titans she could find.

Born in the capital of the Hidden Valley of Atlantean colonies, Garth was the heir apparent to the throne of Shayeris. However, his birth proved controversial and created dissent amongst the superstitious council that controlled the capital. Garth was born with brilliant violet eyes and black markings, which the council took to be inauspicious. Knowing the King and Queen would not sacrifice their only son, they stormed the palace and kidnapped the infant. They left him on land, where it was assumed he would die without water to nourish him.
His death never came to pass. The actions of the council had been foreseen by the oracle Menalippe of the Amazon nation of Themyscira. Despite their tenuous relationship with Atlantis, she convinced Queen Hippolyta to alert the Queen Atlanna of Atlantis to what was to happen. Queen Atlanna sent her forces to rescue the infant and subsequently raised him within the palace walls.
Garth was thus raised like a prince and eventually developed a sibling-like relationship with Queen Atlanna’s biological son Arthur once the latter became ruler of Atlantis. As Garth neared his teenage years, it became clear that his eyes and markings were indicative of a great mystical power that was inside of him. In addition to the regular gifts Atlanteans possess, Garth developed hydrokinesis, telepathy, astral projection, the ability to fire energy from his eyes, limited telekinesis, and dimensional teleportation. This prompted the newly minted Queen Mera to aid in training the young boy, since she likewise possessed extranormal abilities for an Atlantean.
However, Garth grew weary of life within the palace walls and was tired of his training. Seeing that his surrogate brother had had so much success as a hero, Garth took off and joined the Teen Titans as the water manipulating Tempest.

Much like his sister Rose, Joseph Wilson manifested psychic abilities as a result of their father’s involvement in genetic experimentation. He gained the ability of psychic possession, which he’s able to do through establishing eye contact.
After the tragic kidnapping of Joseph and his siblings at the hands of Bialyan extremists, the young boy lost his ability to speak when he sustained grievous injuries to his vocal chords.
While his sister became a vigilante and his brother a villain, Joseph filled the role of doting son to their mother Adeline. Adeline took great care to ensure that Joseph didn’t follow the dark paths that his siblings chose to take, thus introducing him to eastern religions that helped to shape the boy into a sensitive and passive individual.
When his father and brother threatened the lives of the Titans, Joseph did not hesitate to try his hand at stopping them. He joined the Titans in their fight and was pleasantly surprised to find he welcomed the action. After defeating his foul family members, Joseph joined the Titans – much to his mother’s chagrin.

Hailing from the planet Tamaran, Koriand’r is known by reputation as a formidable warrior princess. As the second-in-line to the throne, she was expected to take over militaristic duties while her sister Komand’r handled political affairs. Therefore, Koriand’r was sent to the planet Okaara for training and graduated at the top of her class.
Upon returning home, the young princess discovered that her sister had hastily ascended to the throne after the death of their parents. The Queen Komand’r had introduced an oppressive regime based upon old religious scriptures, thus plunging Tamaran into a dark age of persecution and repression. To make matters worse, Komand’r had struck an alliance with the Gordanians – former enemies to the Tamaranean throne.
Knowing she’d be unable to stop her sister without supporters, Koriand’r left her home planet once more in search of allies. Unfortunately, Komand’r caught wind of her sister’s plans and sent her forces to arrest her for treason. This led to an intergalactic chase that resulted in Koriand’r being stranded on Earth. It was here that Koriand’r found her allies in the form of the Teen Titans. She joined their ranks, offering her great skills to aid them in their mission to protect the Earth, under the condition that they would eventually help her rid Tamaran of Komand’r’s dictatorial influence.

Donna Troy is the daughter of the mythological Titans Coeus and Phoebe. While her birth was a joyous occasion, not all were pleased at the arrival of the beautiful baby girl. Thia, the Titaness of the sun, feared that the child would one day grow up to be more powerful than she and thus became consumed with an overwhelming desire to destroy the baby. To protect the child from Thia’s wrath, Coeus and Phoebe made a pact with the Amazon Queen Hippolyta to adopt her as her own. They infused the child with the blood of the Queen and she was given the name Donna Troy as tribute to the city the Amazons had once fought to protect.
Donna was raised as a princess and given all the luxuries that come with such a title. She enjoyed this life, perhaps moreso than her older sister Diana who always more adventurous. While her sister was eager to engage in politics, science and combat, Donna was much more interested in poetry, music and fashion.
Donna’s life of leisure ended when she learned the truth about her heritage – thanks to a meddling Hera, who blabbed the secret while disguised as Queen Hippolyta. Fearing that Thia would discover her whereabouts, Donna fled Themyscira to protect her adoptive mother and Amazon sisters.
Seeking out the aid of her sister, Donna became immersed in the world of superheroics and, as a result, was inspired to become a hero herself. Initially taking on the codename Wonder Girl, Donna fought alongside Wonder Woman before eventually joining the Teen Titans organization.
Around this time, Thia made a powerplay for control of Earth. She managed to steal the abilities of her siblings and amassed an army to launch an invasion on Earth. The Teen Titans and the Justice League joined forces to take her down, with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl acting as field leaders. After a pitched battle, their combined efforts led to a victory over the evil Titaness. To thank her for her help, Donna’s mythic aunts and uncles bestowed her with an array of new abilities – Iapetus and Themis gifted her greater strength, Crius and Mnemosyne granted her the ability of postcognition, Oceanus and Tethys enabled her to breathe underwater, Cronus and Rhea gave her regenerative abilities, and her parents unlocked her innate ability to absorb light and see in the dark. To show her appreciation in return, Donna changed her codename to Troia.

On a day like any other, college football star Victor Stone was waiting for his father at S.T.A.R. Labs to go out for a family dinner. Just then, a battle between the Teen Titans and the Fearsome Five that had started across town spilled into the facility. Victor was caught in the crosshairs and trapped beneath burning rubble after a joint attack by Mammoth and his sister Shimmer. Victor was pulled free by the Titan Troia, but was gravely injured. With the help of Arsenal, Victor’s father attempted to save his son’s life by grafting on bionic parts onto his son’s damaged flesh and organs. Their actions proved successful in saving Victor’s life, but he was forever changed.
Now half-man, half-machine, Victor was forced to give up sports and instead opted to learn to adjust to his new situation by joining the Teen Titans organization. Though reluctant and melancholy at first, he’s grown into being a responsible and level-headed hero under the codename Cyborg.

Kole Weathers is a young metahuman with the ability to channel faerie magic in order to create and manipulate crystal. A naturally bright and optimistic girl, Kole was kidnapped by the Titaness Thia and was twisted into a dark reflection of herself. Thia used Kole in her fight against the Titans, hoping that the teenager would provide her with an edge in defeating her long-hated foe Troia.
During a massive battle against both the Titans and the Justice League, Kole became ensnared in Wonder Woman’s lasso and was thus freed of Thia’s influence. Consequently, she turned on the Titaness and helped the superheroes in defeating the madwoman.
Taking on the codename Sylph, Kole joined the Titans and is now dedicating herself to making up for all of the bad she was forced to do when she was under Thia’s thumb.

Sometimes it’s not easy playing a supporting role in the life of a superhero. As the nephew of the Flash’s boyfriend Isaiah, Wally West became a target for the Flash’s many enemies the moment he met Barry Allen. At a surprise party held for Barry’s birthday, Isaiah and Wally were kidnapped by Zoom. The former was subjected to torture and inhuman experiments, which managed to turn the youngster into a speedster.
After being rescued, Wally found it difficult to adjust to his new abilities and distrusted the Flash due to the circumstances of his kidnapping. Enter the Teen Titans. Mr. Jupiter offered Wally a chance to learn how to control his powers, while offering an opportunity to work through his issues with the Flash and Zoom.
Now operating as the hero Impulse, Wally has found a family and a place to belong. He’s also been able to regain his faith in the Flash and the two have mended their strained friendship.


With the exception of Cyborg, all of these are brand new redesigns. Tempest is wearing a blue and black wetsuit, which is accented with gold armour. His design is largely inspired by elements from the New 52, his Pre-Flashpoint look and a little twist of his Young Justice look. Jericho has a very simple look, consisting of a blue and purple bodysuit with black armoured gauntlets and shinguards. Rather than go with his mini-afro, I opted for a very closely shaven hairstyle. Of course, I had to leave those epic sideburns of his on. Starfire is meant to look like she's wearing a militaristic uniform. It seems every new design I cover her up more and more, huh? It's meant to reflect her new origins within my head canon as a military commander. Donna's look is much more feminine and referential towards her Wonder Girl garb. It basically combines elements of Earth-2 Wonder Woman with Donna's classic Wonder Girl look and aspects of Wonder Woman's look from Justice League: War. Sylph (do you guys like the codename?) was inspired by fairy art, so she's really meant to look like she's wearing an armoured look that would be similar to what a fairy warrior would wear. Of course, it's in her classic colours. The pink hair is a reference to her appearance in the cartoon. Lastly, we come to Impulse. Wally's look is largely influenced by Bart's Impulse costume, but it's given a crisp white and blue colour scheme a la Quicksilver.


The Titans are a family and the Gamma Squad is meant to be far more synergistic than their Beta counterpart, which is prone to squabbling and rivalries. Troia is the matriarch of the Titans and fills the role well. She and Starfire are the absolute best of friends. They're very close and are like sisters. Similarly, Troia is very close with Tempest and Jericho both, and is developing a sibling-like dynamic with Sylph over their shared Titanic history. Outside of this group, Troia and Nightwing are an item.

One of the team's couples is Tempest and Jericho. Yeah, I went there. Much like I'd said with Robin and Superboy, this pair is akin thematically to Wiccan and Hulkling. Jericho is the sensitive one who wears his heart on his sleeve, while Tempest is a little more aggressive and impulsive. Since Jericho is unable to speak, Tempest is able to communicate with him in a way no others are able to since he possesses telepathy. Furthermore, Tempest is very protective over Jericho - who is still very much inexperienced in the battlefield.

Starfire is the second-in-command. She's tougher and more blunt than Troia - so she's regarded as "bad cop" by her teammates. She is in a relationship with Cyborg. Cyborg is still very insecure about being half-machine and doubts that someone as overflowing with emotion and sensuality like Starfire could really like him. Think of their dynamic as vaguely similar to that of Scarlet Witch and the Vision from the Bronze Age.

Impulse is essentially the team's jokester - something you all seem to prefer. He's friendly with everyone, though admittedly he's actually closest with Mr. Jupiter. Sylph has a crush on Impulse too. She's a little cutesier than the others, so she's not quite as subtle in her advances. She can be clingy and Impulse largely sees this as her cramping his style.


While this team wasn't generated by a poll like my other redesigns in this series, Jericho was in one of them and a few of you had voted for him. As such, I'd like to give a shout-out RazKurdt, Arcalian, GHV2 and Historyman14. You all voted for Jericho and I hope you like my redesign of him.

I'd also like to give a huge, massive thank you to DanFalcon and Leumasy. You two helped me with re-shaping the Teen Titans and I really, truly appreciate your taking the time out to discuss my ideas and offer feedback on them.

As always, I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the art, the characters and their backstories in my head canon.

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