ClarkxBrainy Week2014 Day2 Picture

For those that don't know I often do things to ukes in my stories or RPs. It could be trauma, going mute, or something. However there are things that I forcefully keep off limits. Dying & or being alone after their lover is gone are some of them. Also there must always be a happy ending.

So what happened is that Brainy was some how chosen to become the god Janus. Because of this he is immortal & will out live his friends. He was given a chance to make one person immortal too which he was going to choose not to do but by mistakenly chose Clark. Feeling scared Brainy ran off thinking Clark would get mad or eventually get tired & choose to leave his side.

Clark chased after him & proved Brainy's worries wrong.

I think Janus is my favorite mythology god. For me he kind of seems like a yin yang or twin like theme due to them being the god of time with ends & beginnings. So like one side would be grey scale while the other was colored or something.

So Brainy's side with long hair & a normal eye represents the past while the other with cut hair & a almost closed eye represents the future(the eye represents how we don't know what will happen next) not sure why I gave him two sets of arms.
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