Janus God of Beginning and Endings Picture

Coming to another Fanfic near you, one of LadyAnaconda's work of corse this is one of my other characters that will make a brief appearance in her next pic, Janus ( I am aware that he belongs to Roman mythology: all credit and knowledge goes to the Internet) God of Gates, Transitions, time, doorways, passages and beginnings & endings.

Appearance: He has skin that is made of marble with markings covering his whole frame, and has a well-built body that of a young looking man, he is often seen with a droopy expression do to the lack of proper sleep, he has a gate marking on his right bicep and a doorway marking on his left, he has the Roman Gods seal on his Pulliam mainly consisting of white, red and dark red, the most outstanding traits is his hair and eyes, :like Feronia's: his eyes are contributing shades of green the sclera is Sea Green, iris is Celadon Green, the pupil is Emerald Green, his hair has shades of Teal to Malachite to Pitch Black he has a bit facial hair on his lip and chin. That is his "Now" face, his "Then" face is similar but just as dull looking with bags under his eyes and a beard. He often dresses in clothing with hoods and shirts to 1 to hide his other face and 2 so he can properly fight in combat.

Personality: Ubiquitous and Strange will be the words to describe him for he has a very flippant personality, one second he is stern, intimidating, vigorous, and willing to prevent any global or premeditated catastrophe at hand, on the other hand he can become sluggish, blasé, and completely enigmatic which is extreme for one person, this is when he has to use his powers to a mental level that has messed with his sense of Identity. But when not on his job he becomes... Sarcastic, lively, generous, self confident and skittish when around someone familiar, he can be very good to Gods when it comes to "Opening and Closing" transitions in process or on-the-go basis he also has good mannerism when in fancy company since his is from highest of gods in his region, he is well bred and educated from every pantheon he has traveled to in his youth. When it comes to courtship he can rather Adventurous rather than romantics because his idea of a good time involves excitement and danger-zones in lands his not familiar with, this is his way of showing gratitude and friendship. Janus has a way with dealing with a threat by calculating the path and actions they are going to make before they do it and more often than not he's predictions are right and he disables the assailant with ease, he slowly learning new things and where he stands in the social order and finally making some friends.

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