Obiter Dictum - 4 Picture

March 2010
This series, which I'm using for my senior project, is based on images I see in the shapes and patterns on surfaces I encounter in my everyday life. This was the image I saw when looking at this floor tile.

After laying this piece out it posed a few challenges. For one, I don't think I got the composition quite right, but it has its accidental strengths that I tried to play up. The halo effect of the collage around the head is deliberate, but I was hoping that by placing him slightly off-center from it, the second face would be emphasized. It might have worked, might not have. It's also a lot more illustrative than my usual work, mostly for the sake of experimentation. I don't think I will explore too much more in this direction, for now anyway.
Also, I realized after a bit that having a Janus-like figure with an old face and a young face would possibly bring up the awfully tired themes of "live versus death" and "youth versus age," whereas I wanted to emphasize something more like regret. But once again, it's vague enough that it might be interpreted many different ways.

I tried to incorporate some elements from Greek statue and drama masks, especially in the beard. Also, a lot of the wrinkling and distortion was somewhat inspired by Sam Keith, of The Maxx fame.

This piece can be viewed either as part of a loosely Greek-mythology-themed diptych with the third piece in the series, or on its own. Completely by accident, but a pleasant surprise, when I set this one directly to the right of the other, it actually looks as though the two figures are in the same space. When I hang the series, I may try to play that up somehow.

© k. cross
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