DNA Evolution Picture

After so much teasing I finally release the completed design of my DNA evoltion for Lapis and Magimon. 

So it's name is Janusmon, named after the two headed god in Roman mythology. I chose that as the basis because both Lapis and Magimon have two distinct personality. For Lapis is his pain personality and his evil virus core Alpha. Magimon is made of Tyks and Magi. Geez this digimon fusion is bound to have multiple personality syndrome!

After deciding the concept of a digimon with two faces I started doing research into mythology and different interpretations for inspirations. Most interpretations of literally one head with both faces looking the opposite directions a la Voldemort and Prof. Quirrel. I knew I wouldn't do that immediately since I wanted to show both Lapis' head AND Magi's. An interesting interpretation was a wheel with masks that would rotate to reveal the dominant personality. In the end I thought of making it looked like a spirit was possessing the main body and that the digimon struggled with an identity crisis of who it was.

Janus is portrayed as transitioning though time between primitive life and modern civilization, so that affected what the body was made of. In this case, the steam punk robot bits was to represent technology, and the plushie stitched up bits represented the past, and to further this, I made the metal parts all rusty to indicate a long passage of time had passed.

Janus is also the guardian of gates and passages, depicted as protecting the gates to heaven. For this reason he's got a key...to protect gates with. I'm going to get a lot of keyblade references aren't I? Anyways, for this reason the key is mainly used as a staff to summon portals as a way to attack things. I imagine him being able to summon different locked doors would be a faster way for Janusmon to travel rather than just walk. EDIT: I have now changed the look of he staff. It's still a key, but now it appears more like Magi's staff from his champion form

Finally I had to incorporate the two digimon that made up Janusmon. Tyks' skull was what I started with, Janus was also worshipped when someone came to the end of their life so I thought it would go with the theme. In the end it turned out to be more of a rabbit skull for Lapis. The skull itself was opened wide (it was hard to find good reference images) allowing for some black sludge to come spilling out. Originally I was going for a forked tongue looked, with masks appearing to represent Tyks and Magi. Magimon was derived off of Wizardmon, so some research went into his digimon evolution. What I found interesting was how everything went back to DemiMeramon. It was a flame, that eventually controls a puppet candle body, and even as Wizardmon the face of the DemiMeramon appears on it's clothes. For this reason I included the same face motif, undid the zipper to show that the doll was being puppeteered from the inside.

Lapis merely contributed to the overall body shape. Yes the monsterous bunny cyborg plushie. I finally decided to incorporate his backstory of how he was created. Lapis is merely a host body for a greater evil (Alpha) that Datamon created specifically to be a tool. Lapis sort of got the shaft as some kind of anomaly that only exists to be controlled by something else. He's in there alright, but he's stuck again watching his body being controlled by someone else and being helpless to do anything about it. You can see the only think that's not rusted over are two rings, and what he wears as his tail rings (on his arm).

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