The Theme is Black-Scifi Picture

Yea, you heard me. Another project for class like my last deviation. This time the theme was Black Sci-fi, and we were to include 2 characters. Er... I'm not going into details about the criteria for the theme... I will just say that aside from the obvious implications of the name, we were also to relate it to our own personal background/mythology. So the man is loosely based on the roman god Janus, and the woman of the Wiccan faith. The Janus character dressed in puritan attire to parallel themes of persecution with witches and Africans. And hence the theme.

This was actually done quite a while ago... And I'm almost done with my next project as well, but I am slow with posting stuff and I wanted to add a few more things before I posted it. Of course I actually didn't add any of those things though.
As far as the composition goes... well I guess I am pretty pleased. Still have things to learn about lighting, but I definitely feel improvements. I particularly had fun with the background on this one
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