Age of Mythology TRL - Courier Picture

Courier (caravan)

The courier is the Roman caravan. Although they can only be trained in the heroic age at the market, you start off with one caravan that will act as your scout, similar to the Greek Kataskopos. The courier has the advantage over other caravans as it is faster and is able to defend itself from attack (to some extent). The drawback however is that they do not generate as much gold as the other caravans. Additionally, even if they are soldiers mounted on horses, couriers do not benefit from cavalry improvements.

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Weak against: Everything


100 food
Hack Damage:
x3 vs archers
Hitpoints: 80
Hack Armor: 20%
Pierce Armor: 60%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 5 meters/second
Line of Sight: 16 meters
Training Time: 15 seconds


Market technologies

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