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Your name is ESIGMA LATESH. You were just sitting here DRAWING when you were rudely interrupted. When looking around your HIVE, you find it rather hard to identify yourself by looking at this, most probable, ETERNALLASTING (∞) MESS. However, you have various INTERESTS. These include reflecting yourself through DRAWING, doing your stupid, but necessary HOMEWORK, READ, GAME, upholding several FANDOMS, and listening to MUSIC. The genre doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s QUALITY WORK. You also like SCIENCY THINGS, especially about MATHS and KOSMOLOGY, because it’s just really fun, no matter what those other trolls your age say. You also like to ponder over more PROFOUND QUESTIONS, and you are also RELIGIOUS, and different mythologies and old-time cultures also fascinate you, especially NORSE CULTURE. You love NATURE and BEING OUT IN THE WILD, but your LUSUS is kinda OVERPROTECTIVE, and is never far off. Even though she likes to hang around you, you are NOT the most SOCIAL PERSON, and tend to drift into your own world and are a bit ABSENTMINDED and ABSTRACTED at times, while radically changing between being a SILLY DERP and a GRUMPY, PESSIMISTIC BISCUIT. Your blood is TEAL, and aside from your messy room, you live in a nice and spacey HIVE, and have everything you need. Your trolltag is “fenrirMercury” and “∑ (MY∑ELF – RELATIVE FACTOR!) tend to speak in a [CORRECT, LOGICAL, MATHEMATICAL] = manner, and al∑o u∑e different ∑ymbol∑ to E = ax + y (E – EXPRE∑∑ION) (a – PER∑ONAL ∑TATE (x – VARIATION!)) (y – CAPABILITY OF COMMUNICATION – CONSTANT!)”.
So, what will you do?
> Esigma: Explain some other stuff.

So this is kinda my trollsona, with a help to design her from ~dragons-and-giraffes. Her sign is a SIGMA, which does often represent to summon in mathematical language, and is a letter in both the Greek and Latin alphabet.
Name origin:
- Esigma: From “Sigma” (sign) and “E” (since capital sigma almost looks like a capital E)
- Latesh: Sigma (greek letter) is the same as “Esh” (Latin letter), and “Lat” is to point that Esh is from Latino.
- Also Esigma resembles Selma, which is my real name
Type style: Uses mathematical formulas (capital letters in these unless it’s only one letter that represents something else), and replacing “s” with ∑ (sigma). Pronounces s' in real life as "sh", as this is how sigma were supposedly pronounced (but I don't, just for the record :3). Never uses traditional emicons, but rather mathematical references, meaning that <3 (less than three) is acceptable. Mostly uses British orthography, near perfect sylladex (except fragmented grammar and sigma’s instead of s’).
Found my title with this (Mage of Breath - 2% FROM BEIING THE MAGE OF DOOM, MUST TELL YOU), however landed on teal blood since I socially and economically would guess I fit that “cast” in society. NOTE that I might change her name later, cuz it’s kinda… neh, but yeah.
Approx 3 hours (adding getting a name and such), Gimp 2.0, png file, uploaded 2012-05/20
Trolls (c) Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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