Poni kemisuto sukuru - Periodic of Elements 3 Picture

17.Chlorin-クロリン (Chlorine)
Group,Period,Block : 17-3p
Group (name) : Halogens
Atomic mass : 35.451 u
Electron configuration : [Ne] 3s2 3p5
She's a unicorn. She's a cleaner of swimming pool but very dangerous to taste after she cleaned,also her gas. She's green bit light blue. She's useful to destory all bacturia (make the anti-bacturia) in the water every species,so she was able to cleaned the swimming pool. Also she's the 2nd for high for reacting to the other elements. (Chlorine is the 2nd of high for reacting to the other elements. (The first is Oxygen),so there're many compounds with Chlorine.) She's the friend of Sodio (Sodium) and likes to go together as if it's NaCl (Sodium+Chlorine = Salt (NaCl)) by their ions. (Na+,Cl-) So there's no doubt about both.
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Pale green clouded gas

18.Argrove-アーグロフ (Argon)
Group,Period,Block : 18-3p
Group (name) : Inert gas
Atomic mass : 39.9481 u
Electron configuration : [Ne] 3s2 3p6
He's a pegasus. He's very much calm. He's Chlorin's younger brother just 2 years. But he's very smart. He's the one of the inert gas as well as Heliu (Helium) and Neo (Neon) (Because Argon is the gas that did not make any strange things. And the name is meaning "The Lazy".),so this reason that he was very calm. He's the producer the light bulb with Tungstan (Argon is the gas in the light bulb and Tungstan is the body of light bulb.) In actual,he was purple,but in normality look is blue (Argon can't see by bare sight,so I chose blue for color of his body,and argon in discharge tube is light purple.)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Lightbulb

19.Potashin'-ポタシン (Potassium)
Group,Period,Block : 1-4s
Group (name) : Alkali
Atomic mass : 39.09831 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 4s1
She's an earth pony. She likes to plant the plants,especially bananas. She was Phosporic (Phosporus)'s neighbor. Because Potassium is also one of 3 important foods of plants,and bananas is rich for Potassium),so her hoof is very dirty and black. Her symbol "K" is from the name "Kalium". (Kalium is the Neo-Latino name of Potassium.) She's self-confident of society and honest,knewing all truth. Her favorite food is banana,as well as Maggany (Magnesium). (Banana is rich in Magnesium and Potassium)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Black leaf-plant

20.Calsim-カラシム (Calcium)
Group,Period,Block : 2-4s
Group (name) : Alkaline Earth Metal
Atomic mass : 40.0784 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 4s2
He's an ailcorn. He likes to play the sport. His bones and teeth was very strong. (The reason is Calcium is useful to improve the bones and teeth. And the milk is the most useful beverage to drink.) Also he can improve the others's bones and teeth. On top of this,there're a bit orange from buring. (Calcium's flame is orange) He's the most useful element in the earth He's 5th of the most elements in the world. (Calcium is the 5th of the most elements in the world)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Bone

21.Scandima-スカンディマ (Scandium)
Group,Period,Block : 3-4d
Group (name) : Transition metal,Rare Earth
Atomic mass : 44.9559085 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 3d1 4s2
He's an earth pony. He's the engineer. He's the first member of the "transition metals" group. The Actul of his reality name was "Ekaboron" that Dmitri Mendeleev had guess for a long time ago. He's from Sweden,Scandinavia. (Because the discover found in Scandinavia,Sweden.) He's the bicycle fixer. (Scandium is use mostly in the bicycle) Also he's sometime clumsy. He's the first Rare Earth. (Scandium is the first Rare Earth that mean a metal that hardly to find) Also,he's the pro baseball player with his private bat. (Scandium is also use for baseball bat)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Fixing tool

22.Titany-タイタニー (Titanium)
Group,Period,Block : 4-4d
Group (name) : Transition metal
Atomic mass : 47.8671 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 3d2 4s2
She's a pegasus. She's Scandima's friendmate She's also gray as well as Scandima. But she was used to be a body of the plane and the sport tool. (Titanium is very hard,so mostly use for the body of the plane and some sport tools) She's very sociable. Many years ago,she had to be in the thing like a bit of sand but black. and can stuck by magnet. And she can float in the water. (Even though Titanium is very hard,but it can float in the water)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Exercise tool

23.Vaninko-ワニンコ (Vanadium)
Group,Period,Block : 5-4d
Group (name) : Transition metal
Atomic mass : 50.94151 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 3d3 4s2
She's a unicorn. She's very pretty. She's quite naughty and also clever. The reason of her name is named after "Vanadis",the ancient mythology (maybe). She lives in the Sea squirts very very well. (Sorry for there're not much about using of her)
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Its real metal

24.Chromic-クロミック (Chromium)
Group,Period,Block : 6-4d
Group (name) : Transition metal
Atomic mass : 51.99616 u
Electron configuration : [Ar] 3d5 4s1
He's an ailcorn. He's very happy,very cool! and always very proper. He's the neighbor of Phosporic (Phosporus) too. But he has his own poisonous and more than Bery (Beryllium). His all red body (except cloth and tail) means he had found in a mineral that had red-colored. And his gray cloth and tail means his real of himself (A gray metel). His hobby is drawing,and also he's a very famous artist. (Because of Chromium gives many colors,it was used for drawings.) There're 3 ionics in him which are +3 (Trivalent),+4 (Tetravalent) and +6 (Hexavalent). +3 is very useful and is an important mineral in our body,but +4 is the thing that causes cancer,and +6 is very and very poisonus.
CEM (Cutie Element Mark) : Color palette

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