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Print now available! yay! many sizes of prints available, if you would like any other products with this picture on just tell me and it shall be done If you do buy a print and want to tell me then you will be featured and thanks im my journal!!!! (yay for you) I love people who buy my prints ^^

Full view please, or you seriously will miss so much of the detail to took me ages to create ^^

This is actuly and entry for a competition! Shes svarta-perlan's character Dema, a white anthro wolf ;D
I have never done a full anthro picture, they arnt really my style and often kinda scare me but I thought id set myself a challenge and when I saw the competition I thought it was the perfect oppertunity to try my hand at doing a half human half animal character

The competition was to draw Dema as a goddess, we were allowd to make up our own and I decided to make her a sea goddess! So she has control of all the seas and all the creatures within it, The bells ion the end of her arm things help her summon beasts and at this point she is summoning up a sea serpent, what for? I don't know but it looks dramatic and makes lots of splashes so im happy ^^

This took an age and a half to finish... well id say about 40 -50 hours work (I lost couunt after 20) and that water was a completly evil to do, I lost count on how many times I started it again because I was unhappy, but I think it turned out pretty well in the end, it actuly looks wet, if you know what I mean XD The hair was also rather laborious with all its twists and turns, but all the work payed off ;D

I completly designed the outfit and scene myslef which was one of the mest interesting parts, she has starfish on her boobies and a shell coving her modesty XD hehe Her costume was also rather fun to colour, all of those folds took a while, but I love concentrating on things like that to try and make them look half decent
It turned out rather sparkly in the end, I suppose its because of all the white aswell

The pictures was completly sketched inked and coloured in OpenCanvas ^-^

Id love to know what you guys thing of her as this is my first proper anthro, please also tell me all the mistakes iv made in this XD I totaly love critique (eh not flames) as I really want to improve ^^ Feel free to ask any questions ill do my best to answer (as long as youve read this first)

Thanks guys and please enjoy~ !

Image (c) myself, Alice de Ste Croix
Character (c) svarta-perlan
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