DOD: Phoboris Picture

Name: Phoboris
Aliases: Mistress of Dread, Lady of Slaughter, Tyloban Air Champion
Pronounced: (Foe-bore-us)
Faction: Alien — Tyloban Empire
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Classification: Phoboscincus bocourti (77.83%), Euxenosauria / sp? (22.17%)
Length: 445 feet
Height: 205 feet
Wingspan: 430 feet
Weight: 450 tons

Weaponry / Abilities:

Crushing Jaws / Death-Lock Fangs:
Prior to her transgenic augmentation, Phoboris’ skull was long, low, and slender in structure; currently, it’s anything but. Blunt, boxy, and incredibly thick-walled, the giant skink’s skull is comprised of near-solid bones and reinforced cartilage, making it extremely robust. Phoboris’ jaw musculature is quite highly developed, allowing her to bite well above her weight class. Like her skull, Phoboris’ dentition was also altered by infusions of euxenosaur DNA, converting her former spear-like teeth into thick, railroad spike-like fangs built for puncturing and crushing.

Interlocking tightly together as her jaws close, Phoboris’ fangs are built for delivering devastating puncture wounds through her enemy’s flesh and armor; the interlocking mechanism of Phoboris’ teeth also allows her to take “cookiecutter” bites out of her foes, wrenching out bloody slabs of flesh to bloodlet, cripple, and potentially paralyze.

Dual Trident-Claws:
Like all lizards, Phoboris once had five-fingered hands and feet suitable for locomotion and grasping objects; after her augmentation with euxenosaur DNA, most of her digits have disappeared, leaving the kaiju skink with only one finger on each hand.

Phoboris “hands” are essentially one massive, powerful digit, and they each support a three-tined scything talon. Used primarily as climbing pitons, these fearsome talons are also efficient tools for pinning down and dispatching Phoboris’ prey, as well as for stabbing, slashing, and eviscerating her enemies in combat. A knife-like edge running along the bottom of each tine, these talons can cut, sever, and flay SGO flesh with brutal efficiency, and are even deadlier when Phoboris deploys them in mid-glide.

Rudder / Bullwhip Tail:
Like many lizards, Phoboris sports a long, flexible tail that she uses predominantly for balance. In addition, her tail is also useful as a flight rudder and, obviously, as a whip-like weapon.

Dorsal Spines:
Phoboris’ backbone is augmented with numerous bony spines. Long, narrow, and vaguely spear-like, these spines serve mainly to deter potential attackers, but they are equally proficient as actual defensive weapons. Her dorsal spines also support a low membranous sail that aids both in thermoregulation and in steering the monster while airborne.

Multi-Purpose Patagium:
The most easily noticeable feature of Phoboris’ anatomy is her cloak-like patagium. Vast expansions of skin covered in reptilian scales, this pair of flexible membranes allows the kaiju to take to the air like some monstrous colugo, gliding from structure to structure in controlled bursts. Unlike the relatively delicate, translucent flight membranes of bats and pterosaurs, Phoboris’ patagium is actually quite thick and leathery, making it far more resilient to injuries and allowing her to stay airborne in the face of heavy anti-air attacks; this same durability also makes her patagium quite useful as a defensive weapon while on the ground. Given its large surface area and muted coloration, Phoboris’ patagium is also an effective tool for thermoregulation and passive camouflage.

Gliding / Limited Flight:
Utilizing her patagium, tail, dorsal sail, and muscular limbs all in tandem, Phoboris can leap from a suitable perch and take to the skies, gliding high above the ground with remarkable mobility. While her flight speed is nothing terribly impressive, it is her agility in flight that makes her such a fearsome aerial fighter. Combining complex aerial maneuvers with savage slashes, tackles, and divebombs, Phoboris is a terror to contend with once airborne. Manipulating her patagium’s curvatures with precise repositioning of her arms and legs, Phoboris can expertly control her speed and angle in flight.

Brimstone Belch:
Phoboris can produce an offensive, toxic mixture of stomach gases and expel it from her maw. Propelled by rapid muscular contractions of her stomach chamber, this noxious belch is comprised of chemicals commonly found in vertebrate digestive tracts: the flammable gas methane and the sulfur derivatives known as sulfides. Phoboris’ stomach will produce copious amounts of methane gas, along with various sulfides as a chemical byproduct; many of these sulfides will, once dissolved in gastric acid, produce the extremely toxic gas hydrogen sulfide.

Expelling this choking, extremely flammable, and highly toxic brew at her adversaries, Phoboris can force most kaiju to their knees, gagging profusely and reeling from the pale yellow gas’s effects. Additionally, if this gas comes into contact with an open spark, it will ignite into an incendiary blue flame, inflicting horrific burns on anything nearby.

EOD Shock:
Lining each side of Phoboris’ spine is a long row of electrical muscle blocks. Insulated beneath her muscles and scales, these blocks serve only one purpose: producing electric organ discharges, or EODs. When prompted, these muscle blocks’ cells collectively open a continuous ion channel and create an electrical current. While typically used for electrolocation, these electricity-producing organs are also quite useful to Phoboris in combat.

Her spines, claws, and teeth acting as external conductors, she can assault her enemies with temperatures that approach 36,000°F and a focused electrical output of over one trillion watts.

Thermoelectric Flamethrower:
Phoboris has been known to, while simultaneously expelling a methane/sulfide cloud, conduct an electrical charge through her widely spaced teeth. As the noxious cloud exits her open mouth, it comes into brief contact with the electrified fangs: an open spark. Igniting almost instantly, the methane/sulfide cloud erupts into an intense blue flame that the monster wields like a flamethrower, scorching her adversaries with blasts of burning toxic gas.

Panoramic Senses:
Phoboris sports not one, but two pairs of eyes in her skull, as well as an additional pair of nostrils. While neither pair of eyes is more specially adapted than the other, Phoboris does tend to use her frontmost pair when focusing on objects at close range. Possessing a nearly 360° view of her surroundings, she has practically no blind spots and is almost impossible to ambush; with four nostrils instead of two, Phoboris can detect and trail a scent much more accurately, making her an almost unshakable tracker.


Blood in sufficient quantities can drive Phoboris into a frenzy. Her mind regressing to that of a murderous beast, Phoboris will go on a killing spree to satisfy her thirst for carnage, only stopping once she’s been exhausted, tied down by her allies, or both.

As power-hungry as giant monsters come, Phoboris lives for violence. She thrives on pain and bloodshed, finding herself nowhere more at home than knee-deep in the gore of her enemies. It is for this reason that Phoboris seeks out conflict and strife with other powerful beasts, all to satiate her bloodlust.

Sadistic and thoroughly cruel, Phoboris regards all creatures weaker than her as little more than playthings. The Skrag fear her, yet they call her their ally all the same. Humans, understandably, are terrified of her…and after what she did to them during the Human-Tyloban War, they well should be. Post-Cycle Earth would be a better off place without her, but the Tyloban Empire needs her strength…and she needs theirs. Without them and their knowledge of genetic modification, she would never have become as powerful as she is now.

Combat Strategy:
Phoboris is one of the most violent kaiju that has ever plagued post-Cycle Earth. Combining speed and agility with sickening shock-and-awe tactics, the kaiju will attempt to sprint, climb, and glide circles around her enemies, dodging and evading as she moves in to deliver lancing blows with her trident-talons. Stabbing, clawing, and ripping into enemy flesh, Phoboris often aims her strikes not for conflict-ending vital organs, but for the largest, most vulnerable arteries in the legs and throat, exsanguinating her victims where they stand.

Once she takes to the skies, Phoboris’ tactics switch to a more hit-and-run style, though she particularly enjoys tackling her foes at top speed, impaling them with her savage talons and pinning them down to be further mutilated. Against more heavily armed/armored opponents, Phoboris utilizes her EOD-generating capabilities to soften them up with bursts of electricity, as well as noxious methane/sulfide or blue flame expulsions to stun and hinder their mobility. Defensively, Phoboris relies primarily on her evasiveness to carry her out of harm’s way, as she lacks any serious armor.

When given the opportunity, Phoboris is known to execute her downed opponents in a truly savage manner: pinning them to the ground, she will bring down her trident-talons and violently rip open her victims’ diaphragms, splintering ribcages and shoveling out their entrails until they die from shock. Truly, Phoboris is a warrior to be feared.


Eleven million years ago, during the Miocene, a desperate race fled the Earth in order to escape planet-wide glaciation. The Tylobans constructed immense spacecraft and brought with them everything they could need: livestock, supplies, weapons, and their kaiju allies. They left the planet in a mass exodus the likes of which has never been repeated. The Tyloban Empire became a wandering, nomadic race soon after, hopping from system to system in search of a permanent home. Deep down, they longed for only one world to call their own.

Eight million years ago, the first Skrag came across the ancient Tylobans’ artifacts. Primitive cave-dwellers become a small but advanced society within a few centuries of studying and replicating these lost artifacts, which they viewed as gifts from their many animist gods. The Skrag eventually constructed spacecraft of their own and, five million years ago, headed off into space to find their mysterious benefactors. Somewhere along the way the Skrag space fleet was left in ruin by an unknown threat, but they are eventually found and rescued by the Tyloban Empire. Indebted to their saviors, the Skrag joined the Empire and made it more powerful than ever before.

Now, their people united under a single banner, the Tyloban Empire heads back to their one true home, intent on colonization and restoring their former glory…and nothing will stand in their way.


Artist's Commentary:
This is Phoboris, DOD’s most savage female kaiju. The concept for her has been in my head for quite some time, though originally she wasn’t even going to be in Days Of Dikorus, but in Kaiju All-Stars, a kaiju-centric group here on DeviantART. The monster was originally inspired by a little-known New Caledonian lizard that was long thought to be extinct – the terror skink – and by an episode of the SyFy Channel program “Beast Legends”. Sometime while designing KAS Phoboris, I decided that she’d also make an appearance in DOD as a member of the Aliens faction; once I ceased participating in KAS, only her DOD counterpart remained.

From there, I incorporated increasingly alien features into Phoboris’ design, taking inspiration from the Daggerwrist depicted in Wayne Barlowe’s novel “Expedition” and its “Alien Planet” TV adaptation. Somewhere along the line, Phoboris was switched to being a female character, to bolster my roster’s number of female kaiju.

Personality-wise, I originally didn’t invest much of one in Phoboris, but more recently, I've imagined her as being much like the dragons of classical European legends: greedy, cruel, and materialistic; I also see Phoboris as being rather similar to Sekhmet, the bloodthirsty warrior goddess from ancient Egyptian mythology. On a final note, yes, I do realize how much Phoboris resembles Varan, but rest assured, it’s completely unintentional.

Artistic Notes:
— Phoboris has one large finger on each “hand”; she has two toes on each foot.
— Phoboris’ hand claws each have three projecting points; the middle point is considerably longer than the other two. The two smaller points branch outwards in a “V” shape.
— Phoboris has ten teeth in her upper jaw, and eight teeth in her lower jaw; the frontmost teeth in the monster’s mouth are in her upper jaw. Phoboris’ teeth interlock when her mouth is closed.
— Phoboris has a total of four eyes and four nostrils, pairs of which are on each side of her head.
— Phoboris’ dorsal sail has ragged edges throughout its entire length.
— Phoboris’ patagium emerges at her “wrists”, runs down along her arms, along her ribs, along the sides of her thighs, and ends just before her knees. When not in use, her patagium hangs loosely from her arms, a bit like a cloak. The patagium is thick and light cannot pass through it, unlike a bat’s translucent wing membranes.

*First terror skink kaiju on DA!*
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