(H-A) Shokku Uma app Picture

Shokku Uma ★

⇉ Age ⇇ 17

⇉ Grade ⇇ Second year or grade 11

⇉ Gender ⇇ Male

⇉ Hometown ⇇ Nimbasa City (birth place but now he lives an an farming area with an good fishing lake to do his fishing)

⇉ Height ⇇ 6' 7

⇉ Weight ⇇ 105 lbs

⇉ Species ⇇ #523 Zebstrika

⇉ Nature ⇇ Serious

⇉ Characteristic ⇇ Somewhat vain

⇉ Ability ⇇ Lightningrod

Stubborn: Shokku is quite stubborn towards others because he will ignore you or find you annoying. Sometimes he will like you if you talk or get to know him more. It depends on his mood his in.

Misunderstood by others: Disprite of his quietiness and him being tsundere towards others, he feels like other Pokemon will leave him alone. His mostly fish alone with no one with him, he can be quite the loner sometimes. He tries to know the other Pokemon but sometimes it fails and he just gives up on knowing them and move on with his life.

Can be tempered easy: He can get mad or quick tempered when you call him any horse or foul terms because he will yell at you and tell you to stop calling him those. If you want to be his friend, remember to watch what you say while talking to him.

Shy or Timid: He is indeed shy or timid desprite being tsundere too but he learns to live with the fact he is and continues with his fishing amd school life anyways. His very timid around girls because he never met one before expect his dead mother when she was alive. He likes to be alone and not talk to no one because his an man with an few words persay.

Abridged Background
Shokku was born in an small village outside of the big city of Nimbasa City that the people are happy there and he lived with his parents until he was 5 because his parents and the other villagers were gone to war while Shokku was away at an farm collecting vegetables for Dinner. When he got back, the village was empty and the homes and what not were destroyed and an mess in the small village. He shouted and cried to the sky but he knows that it won't bring them back, so he stopped and walked away from his small village. He looked back it one more time and continues walking to a place where and truly he will belong too but sometimes he senses his parents and the other villagers are watching over him like guardian angels.

After he walked out of the forest and eaten the berries he found in the bushes, he was tired of walking and he was starting to fall over as he walks for an new home but his legs had enough and Shokku fell over fainted on the ground. He was picked up by an strange man and he carried Shokku away in his home and places him on an bed to rest, the man was preparing some dinner for the 2 of them since he lived alone for many, many years after his wife killed from an house killing. The man sees Shokku waking up and some of the dinner on an tray table for him and tells him that you need your energy. Shokku looked at the food and eats it as the man nodded and smiled at him and asked him if Shokku wanted to stay here and keep the man company, Shokku said sure because he needed an roof to go under and the basics to live on. The man told Shokku that he will teach him how to fish because its one of the man's hobbies he loves to do and Shokku said okay to the man because he does like to learn how to do other things. The man and Shokku got their fishing poles and they went to the man's secret spot to fish and while Shokku was still learning to fish, he listens to the man's teaches and starting to balt and catch the fish like the man does. As the years went by and as the man and Shokku gets older, he started to take care of the man that rescued him from fainting in the forest. He notices that the old man was getting sick and Shokku sees and runs into town to find some medicine from an local Hospital. Shokku runs into the Hospital and looks for an doctor to ask about the medicine he needs for the old man's sickness, the doctors gpes and goes back an few hours and they give the horse boy the medicine for the old man. Shokku nodded and bowed for thanks and runs back to the old man's house. As he went back, he was too late. . The old man that took care of him was dead on his bed. . Shokku was tearing up because he didn't make it in time to save the old man. . Shokku tears fall as he buried the old man under the tree in his secret fishing spot where the 2 of them fish together always. Every day, Shokku fish at the spot as he visited the old man's grave and talks to him, Shokku believes to the old man is listening and talking to him back and Shokku always tells the old man stories about the fish he caught and how his day went.

As Shokku grew up at the age 14, he becomes an expert fisherman thanks to the old man's years of teaching and practice. As he walked against the dirt trail, he saw an wealthy woman and man looking at their dead driver on the ground, they get worried because without an driver to take them to the party, they won't make it at all. Shokku walked over and decides to help them out by driving them fast to the party they're talking about and the wealthy couple was impressed by the young teen horse with helping them and they told him to stay there after the party was over so they can get an ride home from him. Shokku waited like the wealthy couple told him to do and he starts to look around the town from the car's window and blinks to himself that why is he here for? and what purpose does the world wait for him? Hours went by and the wealthy couple gets in the car and they screctly puts an chain around Shokku's chain and pulls on it to tell him to take him home now and as Shokku listened to them, he thinks that they're using him as an slave horse and let himself to their cruel things around their home. As Shokku misses his small village and the old man, he made an promise to himself to escape this slave work and run away from this town so he can continuing fishing like he always loves to do. 2 years went by and Shokku got scars on his back, belly and arms from the whipping that the cruel wealthy couple was giving him and that night, he sneaked out of the house and runs away from the couple and runs through out the streets of the town with nothing but pants on. He sees an clothing store and decided to "borrow" some clothes to hide these scars of regret and sadness and runs back out and running away from the town. He runs back at the old man's house and opens the door and sighs to himself that his not going back there again. An year went by and decide to train myself in weaponry such as swords and spears in the back yard and the secret fishing spot while the old man watches him from out of his grave. He takes breaks from his training to fish and have a little fun at things. He makes his own clothes and cooks his meals and also cleans himself the the whole house and pretends its all part of his training his in now.

At the age of 17, his current age now. He becomes more anti-social towards the town and stays outside of it but he does help out on lost people trying to find their way to town or the next town over. Maybe someday, i'll find an friend that he will trust and work together on like he trusts the old man when he was alive and well.

o Wild Charge
o Discharge
o Ion Deluge
o Double Kick

1st period: Mythology
2nd period: Geometry
3rd period: Regional History (Kalos)
4th period: Zoology
5th period: Japanese
6th period: Battle Practice
7th period: Drawing
8th period: Nutrition and Foods

Clubs / Sports
o Host Club

Fun Facts
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