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I'm just gonna into detail about the third slot on this.

For the "Who I Want To Be" bit, I decided to put people who inspire me instead because it's not that I'd want to be these people, I'm perfectly fine with being myself, I just look up to them.
And trust me, I have plenty more then I listed here. In fact, I'm gonna list all of the people who's work inspire that I can think of at this moment. Cause I can.

Now because Invader Zim and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy are my two most favorite cartoons of all time, I had to put their creators there. The later really got me loving the idea of a story that's has dark humor and full of all types of monsters and mythologies, but is still really silly and makes fun of cliches while having several characters that go against it. As with Zim, again, it's very silly and random, and has a great art style. Also, Zim was mostly told through the view of the alien invader, instead of the anti-hero kids that were fighting it. Also, both series had an awesome cast of characters.

Mr. Groening here also gets special honor from making The Simpsons, even though I did also enjoy Futurama. My earliest memories of the show come from when I was five-years-old and my dad let me watch with him. It was a brand of comedy that was introduced to me when I was very young and I loved every second of it. And I swear it had a great affect on how my sense of humor is today.

And lastly on there I have Bisco Hatori, the mind behind the original manga that my favorite anime series, Ouran High School Host Club, is based off of. Now, as said in the "Which Style I Avoid" bit, I'm not gonna be drawing anime anytime soon. It's more of how I liked the idea behind Ouran, something that makes fun of something but also really embraces it. And while it has really sappy, cliche, and melodramatic moments, these characters grow on you so much that you usually don't notice or even care. That is something I deffinatly want to use.

As for people I didn't mention, I also like Tim Burton. He's a very good film maker with a unique style and a Gothic vision. Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, if it has his name on it, I love it. And I deffinatly think he's the reason why I love stories that are creepy and weird.

And going into what I saw as a kid and deffinatly shaped my sense of humor, my love of cartoons, and way of storytelling we also have Looney Tunes, Disney, Dreamworks, Hayao Miyazaki, PBS Kids, and a lot of British comedies such as Monty Python and sitcoms like The Vicar of Dibley and Keeping Up Appearances. I also watched Spongebob a lot when I was a kid, use to be my favorite show of all time. And I also have fond memories of sitting down on the coach with my parents and watching The Three Stooges together. Ah, the memories of watching those idiots inflict so much pain onto each other, good times, good times...

Also for for comedy I look to the Mighty Boosh and it's creators. The show is just so surreal and has a joke just about every second, it's great.

For writing I also have Anne Rice, very descriptive and unique in ideas and characters, Polly Horvath, just a great writing style with many eccentric characters, J.K. Rowling, she had a lot of stuff I related to and introduced the idea of magical kids to me, and Lewis Carrol, for having a very good writing style that reminds me of the way my thinking process always went when I was a kid and also good poetry.

For animation, I also look up to Don Bluth. His animations are great and I can only dream of being as good when I go into it. (Especially since I'm so lazy...)

And lastly I also have some people on DeviantART.
*DollCreep, his style is creative, his humor is random, and his characters are just beyond weird. He's just very awesome.

*VivzMind, also has a really great style as well as interesting and original characters.

*humon, she's just very funny and has a great set of characters.

*Tprinces, I mainly love her writing style, and her rants on YouTube are awesome. I just find myself agreeing with what she says a lot.

And *hot-choc, has an awesome webcomic, good characters, great at drawing, very funny.

And...that's about it.
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