MM's World: Manticore Picture

Entry #9! The one and only flying Solifugid kaiju with an earwig pincer, Manticore!

Height: 35 meters
Length: 85 meters
Mass: 45,000 tons

- Pincer: Manticore’s primary weapon in battle is the huge earwig pincer that tips his abdomen. He can raise his abdomen up like a scorpion does its tail and lash out, crushing anything caught within.
- Mantis Claws: His second primary weapon are his slashing Mantis-like arms.
- Stinger Darts: When needed, Manticore can turn his back to an opponent and launch dozens of needle-like stingers from his abdomen. They’re not deadly but can be used to blind an attacker.
- Jaw Claws: In the event his venom can’t kill prey, is the case with some of the larger stock food, Manticore is also armed with large, but hidden, jaw claws. These claws act like normal Solifugid jaw claws and can crush and rip solid plates of steel.
- Venom Bite: While comparable to a nasty bee or wasp sting for a kaiju, Manticore can inject a small amount of insect venom via his fangs. This is used to liquefy the insides of his food, usually Gnattra and other small stock food, once inside the Kaiju Reservation.
- Immunity: After being introduced to poisons and toxic chemicals, and surviving, Manticore will become immune.
- Flight: At Mach 4.
- Burrowing: At speeds of at least 200 MPH.

Weakness: None

Biography: Rising up and attacking the Middle East, word began to spread that a monster of legend had been reborn: the Manticore. After raiding several villages and what little US forces remained there were attacked, a more specialized unit was sent in under the command of General Kurich. Once spotting the creature, it was realized that it was an arachnid, not some sort of mythological creature. The name, however, stuck.

As the creature stalked a farm, a load of toxic chemicals was dumped on it from the sky. Shrieking in surprise and pain, the monster quickly burrowed under the ground. As the area remained silent for more than a week, it was believed the creature died, but then news of it appearing in Hong Kong came! The forces were quickly moved there, but simple weapons couldn’t penetrate his armor and the area was too populated to repeat the toxic attack. They managed to lure the creature out of the heart of the city, to an evacuated location, and repeat the chemical attack…

But it had become immune!

However, as the battle between man and insect raged, Taninim had made a course to Hong Kong! The fish monster was, for some reason, being drawn to battle.

Seeing the fish as the biggest meal of its life, Manticore wasted no time and attacked it. The ensuing battle caused untold amounts of damage to the Chinese city as the two fought. Taninim’s Ion Beam burned the creature and his Ion Flash kept the creature down more than once, but Manticore’s ferocity kept Taninim on his toes.

Unable to defeat the fish, Manticore flew up, slamming into one of the military-filled skyscrapers that was watching the fight. Quickly fixing himself in flight, the arachnid escaped as Taninim held the building up, allowing the people inside to escape.

Several satellites tracked the flying insect as it circled the globe. The monster was avoiding lighted areas, making many believe the monster thought the lights were Taninim. The creature remained free for another year where a theory was made that the monster could have been spawned by a meteor that fell in the Middle East a few months before his appearance. The arachnid was finally captured, using electrical beams, and taken to the Kaiju Reserve in Africa.

Once there, Manticore found himself more than happy to stay. A large food supply in Gnattras and other man-made stock creatures kept it satisfied. When Rosie and Cyber-Thresher attacked the reserve, under the command of the Klenthurians, Manticore was one of the kaiju to take on Rosie.

The arachnid didn’t last long, however, and was smashed by Rosie’s foot and cast to the side like a piece of trash. The creature did survive the encounter and continues to live on peacefully, often following Scorpadon or challenging its half-dinosaur cousin.

Creative History: I believe Manticore may be the only Solifugid-based kaiju around. For those that don’t know, Solifugids can be called camel spiders. I wanted even more than that for Manticore and added wasp wings and an earwig pincer on his abdomen. The mantis claws are actually new, made less than a few weeks ago for him. He’s appeared in a few RPG and is in one, right now, at [link] He’s playing a comedic role at the RPG and is one of Dr. Ackert’s kaiju. The real Manticore, found elsewhere, has never been much of a comedic kaiju nor a Klenthurian monster.

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