[RA: 61,86] The Secret Collection Picture

"Paula, Paula!!!" Radon cheerfully bangs on the bathroom door, then forcefully breaks into it
"Wait, get outta from here!!"with her face all flushed and half dressed, Promethium commands the intruder away.
Some minutes later, Promethium, now properly dressed approaches Radon "Then what you'd like to announce, and please don't rush into bathrooms again!"
Radon then unwraps her large paper bag, exposing multicolour crystals and vials inside it. Blue copper crystals, sealed bromine and purple vanadium crystals sparkle inside the dull paper bag, not mentioning a number of uncommon colours and elements.
"You managed buying holmium and neodymium salt samples? Wait, you gonna see my rare earths collection" Paulina then scrambles under her bed, then digs out a small wooden chest holding 18 ampules of Lanthanides and 3 Actinide elements (Th, Pa and U).
"We're radicals, y'know. Without lead insulation and protection gear, we can play and observe freely. I managed getting this Pa metal flake from the lab... Everyone within our house is immune to radiation"
The girls then receive an unexpected call
"Hey, that's Radon here, umm are you saying having surprise sleep over here at Paula's house? (Smiles bitterly) ok then."
"Can't imagine that nuclear meltdown scenario, heard that Lise, Radium and Thorium gonna be here for a couple of nights. The fridge will be at risk..."

First art showing the residences of the elements, there isn't something special regarding to Paulina's room. A typical girl's room with starry wallpaper and pillows lying around.(hers is the pink polka dot one, referring Pm's ion colour) Excluding her radioactivity, she's just a plain average neighbourhood girl. Paula has numerous of random items scattered in her room: like the periodic table and Greek poster, a lavender carpet, a Sally (the chicken/duck hybrid from the app Line (c) Naver Japan) plush. She also hides a rare earth collection and nuclear materials under her bed. This doesn't matter that element personifications do not suffer from radiation poisoning at all. Now she's worrying her room being wrecked during the sleepover nights... Radioactive elements do have horrendous sleeping habits and having almost zero (mostly)self control. As situated around stable elements, Promethium falls to the more normal ones in the spectrum. She has learnt how to tame herself when spending her time with Samarium and Lutetium.
Design on Promethium's outfit:
Her outfit is inspired from olives and lotus leaves: olive refers to the Greek mythological etymology of the element, while the lotus thing is just pretty random. She wears a woven Lithuanian sash around the waist, showing her ethnicity. Lanthanides, as mostly discovered in Scandinavia, her sash is actually indicating the Baltic and Nordic connection to the whole group.
Thanks for the new earth tone and purple extensions for my coloured pencil set, finally better effects for the sunset sky and shadings
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