EFS-TN-001 Titan Class Cruiser Picture

After watching the new Star Trek movie several months ago I decided to make my own version of a Star Trek ship. I was always more partial to the designs of Star Wars, or Star Blazers than star trek so I incorparated alot of that into this ship. It has convential style weapons, not phasers, as well as radars, sensors, a normal looking bridge and the such. I designed the basic shape of the ship from the Enterprise E class

I really like the way it turned out I actually had the energy and mindset to finish this project and I'm very happy with the result.

I named it the Titan, first ship in the class of the same name. Its official designation is EFS-TN-001 Titan, EFS meaning Earth Federation Ship, TN designating the class name Titan, and 001 meaning its the first of its class. Other ships of this class would be named after the Titans of Greek Mythology in case anyone was wondering, Kronos, Rhea, Atlas, and the such.

-About 900 meters in length
-12 main Ion Cannon Batteries
-14 smaller defense batteries
-about 900 crew

Please comment or critique, and give a fav if you like! Full size view is best! Warning if you download its a very big file 4000x2094.

Now its time to work on some Mass Effect Ships!!!
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