Inspirations of Demon Lord of Lust, Lilith Picture

Okay 1st of all I am not sure if I will change this OC's name or not, because as some could tell my OCS who are based off a mythological character have a different name. take Satan for example his name is Malakaith in my Story not Satan. Or Belphegor whose name is Malenore in my story, I don't want my story to take everything from the myth afterall plus it makes it unique. On a side note She is loyal and faithful to the Dark Emperor

Ahem anyway. Lilith was a Demon who served in the Hell Level: Lust but due to her sexual desires use her manipulations and her appearance to slowly drain humans of their souls and slowly rose to becoming one of the Lords of Hell (my version of the princes of hell). She became known as the Lord of Lust. Centuries before being cast down in Hell she was a Human who was a servant to a Perverted Lord she was often only there for his "Desires" but she finally had enough of it all and killed him but shortly after died...Io (God) sentence her to Hell in the level of Lust, and her appearance slowly changed not for the worse but for the better she became a highly beautiful demon with wings and horns as well as a tail....a Succubus. Thus she became one of the 1st Female demons and eventually one of the Four Queens of Hell and a Demon Lord of Lust. She worked for no one but herself for a long time but helped Lucifer for a short awhile before meeting a Dark God and joined him.

Lilith - Resembles GENZOMAN's Artwork of Lilith, Seductive, Manipulative, flirty, Not pure evil but evil in a way, Lustful, cold, cruel, Sadistic, and many other traits of Lilith

Minerva - Calm and Confident, speaks in an archaic, old form of Japanese. Befitting her speech, she is very mature and wishes that the people around her act accordingly. Enjoys toying with her enemies and allies alike, Desires to be a position of authority (part of a reason why she joined the Dark God), Wont hesitate to use a hostage to her advantage. but unlike Minerva she never loses her cool.

Minerva belongs to the creators of fairy tail respectfully

Lilith's artwork belongs to GENZOMAN

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