Mecia and Family 8D Picture

I was bored. So I decided Mecia would have two sisters and a few cousins! I made the outfits random, but the hair was purposfully done like that.

I used the same bases. Gimme a sec to find the link.

Okay, Mecia and her team (or my future SoulSilver team) is right above the group pic.

Mecia's two sister are Tessa (upper left, with the umbreon in her team) and Alana (upper right)

Tessa's (upper left) team from left to right:
Zsa the umbreon
Thaddeus the blastiose
Di the jinx
Billy the tyranitar
Shade the hitmontop
Gara the marowak

Alana's (upper right) team from left to right:
Gliceria the smoochum
Jillian the wigglytuff
Even the furret
Javas the dragonair
Kito the ninetails
Mesha the chansey

Kenzie's (lower left) team:
**Note that Kenzie has a fasination with mythology
Io the ursaring
Orion the sudowodo
Hera the ledian
Mimir the charmeleon
Apollo the machamp
Jupiter the houndour

Lena's (lower right) team:
Sven the ambipom
Claor the touros (sp?)
Wyaa the linoone
Teresa the blaziken
Keike the zangoose
Coal the venomoth

Heh, I was bored. *shrug* Sprited from
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