Captain Ganymede of the Moons Picture

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Eveyone, I'd like you to meet Ganymede! Standing tall and proud, she is second in command to Sailor Jupiter as Captain of the Moons of Jupiter. Having to lead a troop of 63 girls (not all of whom are willing) is hard work, so she doesn't do it alone. With the help of her 3 sisters, Io, Europa, and Callisto, she is able to keep the order and training up on the other girls.

Her personality holds her to be extremely loyal. Both to her Princess Jupiter, and to her other sisters. By being loyal she is also very strict in her teachings of the younger children the protection of the palace. While being strong in what is demanded of her for her duties to the Princess, she is an absolute clutz in everyday aspects.

Ganymede in Space:

Ganymede is the largest of the Galilean Moons. She stands in the outer middle of the four Captain moons, being protected only by her older sister Callisto. Ganymede's crust is completely scared rock, with a massive body of water below. The core of the planet is molten, letting the magnetic fields be strong.

Ganymede in Greek:

In Greek mythology, Ganymede was a handsome beautiful hero and prince of Troy. Because of his amazingly good looks, Zeus kidnapped him in the form of an eagle and made to be the cupbearer for the gods.
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