Amalthea Flag Picture

Flag for the tiny Jovian moon of Amalthea. I'm about 80% satisfied with how this turned out. I will probably revisit this at some point and perhaps change it completely.

Amalthea is a small rocky lump of a moon just inside the orbit of Io. The mythological totem for Amalthea is a goat. So when I was Google searching for line drawings of it, I discovered that it was the lead female character to the famous anime "The Last Unicorn."... I did a little more searching for images along that line and found one profile shot of Lady Gaga in Rolling Stone. So I thought I'd try to combine it all. It's late at night and I don't want to worry about it any more for the time being. Like I wrote, I'm 80% satisfied with it.

Larger version of Gaga [link]

EDIT July 15th 2011
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