Labyrinth of Auximines Picture

Welcome to another edition of The Man and The Journey!

The Labyrinths of Auximines is a track from Pink Floyd's The Man and The Journey tour. Its origin lies in Interstellar Overdrive. The drumming and Roger's bass is evident throughout the track (as you hear halfway through IO), with David providing some nice echoy guitar work.

This piece... Now... After some googling, I have NO idea what an Auximines is, other than it being a "holding company, listed on Euronext Brussels." After reading some 'Floyd trivia on some of their works, David himself in an interview (just so you know, they barely ever talked about this tour) said that they have little idea of what an Auximines, to which he thought of a Greek Mythology of some sort. Anyways, it's a very obscure piece, which is why it's so cool. They were so innovative before Dark Side of the Moon.

Anyways, putting my perspective on the Labyrinth. For my take on The Journey part of the show-- is somewhat a vague connection with God.

I will do a quick rundown.. I'd say The Labyrinth is the main focus in the show. The concept of the Labyrinth IS the Journey. You have the entrance (Birth - The Beginning, beginning of the journey), you go through the good times and bad times in life, but focusing on what keeps us from God (Beset By Creatures of the Deep). Then we have the Labyrinth itself with The Man venturing in to find God. To which he's lead through The Narrow Way, another biblical reference, I believe?) then Behold the Temple of Light to which The Man has passed the Labyrinth then his ultimate death in The End of the Beginning.

To those who actually read all of that, thank you for reading on my take of Pink Floyd's The Journey part of that elaborate concept tour. I may be reading in things too deeply, but that's what music is all about. You can interpret songs, concepts any way you wish. However, it's always cool to interpret your own way then see what the artists themselves have to say about it. I've read some stuff of how they put the Man part of the show (Man's daily routine, get up, go to work, come home and sleep, repeat. Which would be re-defined in Dark Side of the Moon) but little is said about "The Journey" which I'm putting my own take on it

What a long comment on a piece that wasn't handled properly. Both me and a friend made this together on our own copies of photoshop cs2, swapping the psd's. I can't do shadows very well, so that was him that did the man's shadow until he told me that you have to make another copy then flip it... durr haha. I say there could have been more added but I think this still has a mystic feel to it
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