I'm Argus... Picture

"centum luminibus cinctum caput Argus habebat
inde suis vicibus capiebant bina quietem,
cetera servabant atque in statione manebant.
constiterat quocumque modo, spectabat ad Io,
ante oculos Io, quamvis aversus, habebat."

Ovid, Metamorphoseon liber I

There's an artist I adore in particular because of his skills. He's a wonderful photographer and a wonderful graphic designer. I first met him while we were making pixel dolls and now he's a genius, or rather he's a poet... since his work is always kind and gentle yet so simple.

This is actually a photomanipulation, this is my actual face with a bit of actual peacock feathers and some random patterns, I made this photomanipulation only to emulate the guy i was talking about, but I know I can't, I'm not so 'léger' and pure, I'm kinda baroque... so adore him and be in awe visiting his gallery, his name is Andria but for you all on DA he's sophonisba
BTW Who's Argus?

Argus is a greek mythology character. He's a sheperd and (as Ovid says) he had got a hundred eyes on his whole body. When
Hermes eventually killed him Hera took his eyes to decorate the tail of her peacock.
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