Natalia Ref WIP (Update) Picture

The genderbended, shiny new version of my OC Wrath. Her alternate name is Natalia.
She's an Iiokai (E-yo-kai, referring to "Io", the greek princess who was seduced by Zeus who shifted into a silver bull; and Yōkai), a hybrid between a succubus and an Apis bull (A special bull in egyptian mythology that was sacrificed to honor Ptah. The bull needed special fur markings in order to become sacred.). The Iiokai can be seen as daughters of Apis and are various in their appearance, horns and colors, but always have a tail with a bicolored tip. Since they are also Succubi, they have wings, even though it's only a single one.
Natalia also has a twin sister, called Eleanor.

Natalia (c) me
Iiokai (c) me
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