The work developed under the title picture book on The Metamorphoses of Ovid intends to provide a more current and contemporary mythology. The purpose Project is to present a total of 12 illustrations designed directly for the future realization of an illustrated book from the "Metamorphoses" of Ovid focusing ourattention on the transformations. Have been treated to descriptions of the poet, to get a good relationship between text and image resources to promote a more contemporary graphics and appropriateness to the context. With the selection of mythological stories,has tried to make a balanced distribution between the different types of transformations and Nevertheless, it has been difficult decision, not having in our hands 250myths to choose from, but by the extraordinary capacity of a poet that gets to thereader becomes. In the end they managed to reduce that number to twelve transformations of which has been attempted that no recurrence to enrich the set, the difficulty of achieving a brief representation of halves snake-man, woman, cow, crow woman,man-deer, frogs bandits, etc..
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