Manta Knight Picture

I originally made 2 versions of this. And based on the poll result, many favor the one with fire. So I choose this a the official version of my Manta Knight. Thanks for voting.

This is a fan art about Japanese manga/anime Saint Seiya (SS) drawn by Masami Kurumada. My version is very different. The story happens in Greek mythological era. When the Olympian gods fought the Titans, each god formed an army of knights. Hephaestus created all the armors for them. Athena only had 48 knights (according to the number of ancient constellations). When the war ended, half of Athena's army was dead. The survivors became rogue knights because their service was no longer required. Just like the original Greek version, Athena chose to mingle with other gods on mount Olympus - leaving humans at the mercy of mischievous gods and dangerous monsters. Each ex-Athena's knight then handed down their armor and power to their descendants or relatives. Although the war against the titans had ended, people still needed savior because sometimes Olympian gods caused havoc. Hence, the knights were still in business of saving lives.

Tecton is my original character. He is the Manta Knight, one of Poseidon's 7 generals. Like Speudon, Tecton also has a giant pet monster named Kraken who could shapeshift his lobster pinchers into octopus tentacles. However, Tecton prefers to harass ships.

During one event of ship destruction, Tecton runs into Carpus, Gemini Knight. Carpus is aboard the ship because he is chasing a man who steal his jar of heart. Naturally, when Kraken is trying to destroy the ship, Gemini fights it. Tecton knows that his monster can be easily beaten, thus he challenges Gemini in a duel. But in a bizarre twist of fate, when Carpus is almost beaten, Tecton admits that he's the one who arranges for the theft of Gemini's jar of heart. He does it in order to stimulate Carpus' buried memory.

Like the constellation it represents, Gemini Armor causes Carpus to have personality distortion: Carpus the warrior and Carpus the peacemaker. It turns out that during the fight against the titans, Carpus and Tecton became a team and fell in love with each other. However, Carpus forgot all about it when he threw away his warrior life. Hence, Tecton deliberately provokes Carpus, hoping that the duel will bring out the memory of Carpus the warrior and rekindle their lost love.

Officially, the armor of this knight is named Kraken in Saint Seiya universe. However, the name and the shape contradict each other. In history, Kraken is often associated with giant squid-octopus (sometimes whale). But Kraken armor in Saint Seiya is a manta ray. Hence, I named my knight Manta Knight, instead of Kraken Knight.

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